Want Internet in Your RV While Traveling? Starlink’s Got You Connected

It works when you're parked, too

Satellite Internet provider Starlink is finally upping its service to allow use with moving vehicles. 

Of course, Starlink service plans require several large satellite fixtures, so this innovation is not exactly for compact cars or even SUVs. Starlink’s new in-motion plan is primarily intended for RVs, eliminating a prior frustration in which RV users had to stop to connect. 

Starlink RVs


"Stream movies, play games, and make video calls all while moving towards your next adventure," the company wrote in an email to customers.

Starlink says this update is thanks to a broader field of view and "enhanced GPS capabilities," which allows more satellites to connect. The hardware has also gotten a slight refresh and is now more resilient to extreme environments. 

This is perfect for those taking a more "off the beaten path" approach to exploring the country, though you're still at the mercy of availability. The Starlink coverage map indicates that half the country only has access to 'low capacity' coverage, though the remaining states can access 'high capacity' coverage. 

Starlink for RVs costs $135 per month, with an initial equipment fee of $600. In-motion use is prohibited for use in "undesignated countries," and Starlink must approve vehicles before going ahead with an installation. 

While the service is currently just for RVs, boats, vans, and other large vehicles may not be very far off. 

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