Vuze Review

A look at the free torrent client Vuze

Vuze (formerly Azureus) is a free torrent client with awesome features such as remote administration, an HD video player, built-in browser, and advanced bandwidth controls.

Experienced users appreciate Vuze for its ability to edit advanced settings and download content based on RSS updates.

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  • Small setup file
  • Easy to use
  • Can be password protected
  • Auto-downloads new RSS feed items
  • Customize many settings
  • Able to build a new torrent from scratch


  • Setup tries to install other programs along with Vuze

More About Vuze

Vuze torrent client in Windows 7

Here are some additional Vuze features and capabilities:

  • Install Vuze on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems
  • Download torrents with Vuze using a torrent's magnet, hash, URL, or torrent file
  • Download torrents on the go with the Vuze Android app
  • Rate and comment on any torrent you're downloading so other Vuze users can get an idea of the quality of the torrent
  • Change Vuze settings to Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced depending on your proficiency level
  • Prevent your computer from going into sleep mode while downloading and/or seeding
  • Pause active file transfers and control their speed from the tray application in Windows without having to open Vuze
  • Add RSS feeds to Vuze, with the option to auto-download new items. Advanced filtering options ensure only specific items are downloaded, such as files that have or don't have certain words in their title as well as files that are within a specific size range
  • HTTP seeding is supported
  • Vuze can run a script or shut down when finished downloading and seeding torrents
  • Use the Tor network for file transfers if you'd like to conceal your identity while using torrents
  • Watch videos you download as well as videos that are already on your computer via a built-in HD media player
  • Fix upload and download speeds to conserve bandwidth
  • Set separate speed limits for LAN connections
  • Launch a built-in internet speed test with Vuze to determine how fast you should be uploading and downloading files
  • Automatically move completed downloads to an alternate folder
  • Enable Download Basket, a floating, always-open window, to easily drag and drop torrents to load in Vuze
  • Drag and drop videos into the iTunes folder in Vuze so they'll be converted and ready to play in iTunes
  • Easily adjust interface settings, such as for color scheme and alerts
  • Plugins extend Vuze's functionality even further. Download plugins from Vuze's website

Vuze Remote

Vuze Remote is a handy tool that can be downloaded from Vuze's Tools menu. It lets you create new torrents, stop existing ones, view the progress of all the current downloads and uploads from your computer, control their transfer speeds, and search through active torrents. All this can be done without even being on the same computer as the one downloading the files.

Vuze Remote works from any mobile browser. To make Vuze Remote work outside your network, such as when you're away from home, set up port forwarding so your router knows which computer on your network is the one using Vuze.

Be sure to read Vuze's FAQ on Remote Pairing for more information on setting up Vuze Remote.

Final Thoughts

Vuze allows you the flexibility of working with very specific options. One of the best things about using software to download torrents (instead of a website) is that there are no restrictions on the size or speed of your downloads and uploads.

However, some internet service providers may limit your torrent traffic if you're using such a program. In these cases, it would be more beneficial to use an online torrent client such as or ZBIGZ.

During and after the Vuze install, watch out for additional program installs and browser changes you may not want. Prevent unwanted installations by choosing a custom install and deselecting those items or by clicking Decline.