How to Organize Your Torrent Downloads with Vuze

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Vuze is a popular torrent client that you can download (free) and use to find, download, watch, and share media files on the Web, anything from songs to full movies.

Vuze is not only a torrent client. It's also a hub for streaming video: movie trailers, music videos, user-submitted clips, and much more. Also, Vuze offers branded channels from Fox, Paramount, Disney, Warner Brothers, etc.

How Vuze Works

Vuze is extremely popular because it simplifies the torrent download process from start to finish. Instead of hopping from one torrent search engine to the other, Vuze lets you search multiple torrent search engines, trackers, and torrent sites at the same time. Multiple downloads are put in a queue format; you can specify where the downloads should be placed on your computer in the initial Vuze installation wizard application.

Vuze Playback

Vuze has also added a feature that makes it possible for you to download media and transfer it quickly and efficiently to other playback devices, such as an iPod, Xbox 360, or another standalone player. Once you've downloaded content, click on the "Devices" link in the left-hand menu, and you'll be taken through a quick setup that will help you transcode media files to fit your unique media device's needs.

Vuze Downloads

You don't have to be using Vuze or even have it open to download a file. Just click on the URL, and Vuze will automatically start tracking the torrent file for you, organizing it effortlessly within your file library wherever that might be on your computer.

Vuze's Special Features

There are several different file download/upload controls within Vuze itself, with which you can do the following (right-click on any file within your download library)

  • Show details of the file
  • Open the file, both within Vuze and within your computer system's explorer feature
  • Set the download and upload speed
  • Force Vuze to recheck the file
  • Rename the file for better accuracy
  • Transcode the file for playback on a different device

Burning a CD or DVD With Vuze

Vuze also makes it possible for searchers to burn DVD's within the application itself, just by clicking on "DVD Burn," then "Get Started." You'll need to allow Vuze to install a small software add-on to do this, but it's worth the convenience of organizing all your media in one place.