VoIPStunt - Free Calls to Selected Destinations

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VoipStunt is an international VoIP service based in Germany. It has a softphone application installable on a computer, and a service which can be obtained online. VoIPStunt offers free calls to PSTN (landline) phones over some common destinations. There is a list of countries to which you can call free, but there are many restrictions. 

Free for One Minute

Using VoIPStunt, you can make calls to landline phones in the free destination countries, but these calls last only a minute! The reason given for this by the VoIPStunt marketers is to prevent misuse of their network.

Free Days

If you want to make lengthier calls, you have to pay 10 Euros or the equivalent in dollars. This done, you can make calls to those destinations for the next 120 days.

When these 120 days are over, your credit remains, but a rate applies for the free destinations. This rate varies according to the destination country.

Free in this service is defined with the following restrictions: you have no more than 300 minutes of talking per week, which is not bad. If any of these minutes are unused, they cannot be transferred to the following week. If you use more than these minute, you pay a higher charge per minute. 

You can also send text messages with VoIPStunt, each message costing 5 cents.

Getting Started With VoIPStunt

First, download and install the softphone application. You have to register and get a username and password to be able to make calls, even the free 1-minute calls. You will use these same credentials to buy credit.

You can, however, make a trial call without installing the software, by just entering your phone number and the destination phone number in the special area provided on VoIPStunt home page, and clicking Call.

Compared To Skype

  • Some users have complained of poorer quality in VoIPStunt calls, many saying it has much to improve to compare with Skype. The quality depends on the location of the call and the destination.
  • Globally, the communication cost is slightly lower with VoiPStunt than with Skype, and this is the factor that is actually giving VoIPStunt its growing popularity. Rates keep changing, so keep checking the different rates for Skype and those for VoIPStunt for the different locations.
  • With Skype, calls to other Skype users, using the Skype softphone is free, independent of the destination country. Calls to non-Skype (landline) users can be made by subscribing to and paying for the SkypeOut service.
  • Skype voicemail is available for a fee of 5 Euros for 3 months or 15 Euros for 12 months. VoIPStunt provides no voicemail facility.
  • Skype allows you to chat and hold video conferences, with multiple participants, while VoIPStunt does not.
  • The VoIPStunt user interface is quite similar to that of Skype, and is therefore quite user-friendly, but provides much fewer features. Maybe more is to come in the future, depending on the popularity and healthy growth of the ‘baby’.
  • VoIPStunt has a commercial banner at the bottom of the application window while Skype does not.

Bottom Line 

VoIPStunt seems interesting at first look, but due to the restrictions, you will want to think twice before engaging. For those of you who call frequently to the selected countries, it costs only 5 euros to try.