Making Cheap and Free VoIP Calls on Your BlackBerry

How to make cheap and free calls on your BlackBerry

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If you are a BlackBerry user and want to reap the benefits of cheap and free calls through VoIP on your BlackBerry, here are some options for you. VoIP allows you to make free and cheap calls both locally and internationally. VoIP also comes with a lot more features.


TringMe is the first to build a native application for BlackBerry. TringMe is a complete VoIP service suite that allows free in-network calling over Wi-Fi and 3G, and cheap calls to other phone networks worldwide. One thing special with TringMe is that it provides a complete package of application development tools for users and enterprises to develop their own VoIP applications. 


Truphone VoIP service for BlackBerry is very good in at least two ways: the local and international rates are among the cheapest, starting at 6 cents for common destinations (calls between Truphone users are free); and secondly even if you have no data plan or Wi-Fi connection, you can still make VoIP calls with the service.


Vopium is a mobile VoIP service that offers cheap international calls through GSM and VoIP, without necessarily having a data plan (GPRS, 3G, etc.) or Wi-Fi connection. If you do have any of the latter, you can make free calls to other users using the same networks. 


Voxofon is one of the many phone services that offer the possibility of making international calls using mobile phones for very cheap, compared to the high rates of pure GSM and other traditional services. Calls can be initiated using GSM network and the rest is handed over to VoIP.

Vonage Mobile

Vonage Mobile can make you save a lot of money and provide you convenience in communication if you live in the US, you use an iPhone, iPod or a BlackBerry machine, and better still if you are already a Vonage customer. 

Google Voice

The Google Voice mobile application allows you to make calls and send SMS messages with your Google Voice number directly using your mobile phone. The phone's contacts are fully integrated with the application so your phone's address book can be used. The application also allows access to your voicemail, for reading transcripts, access call history etc., and place international calls at low rates.