VoIP Apps for Free Calling on Mac

Making free calls on your Mac computer

If you use a Mac, there are many VoIP services and software out there that allow you to make free and cheap VoIP phone calls on your Mac. Since Windows is more spread, VoIP providers offer softphones that are firstly Windows-compatible and it is quite frustrating to find there isn’t a Mac version softphone of the VoIP service you are using. Here is a list of VoIP software that you can install on Mac for free and cheap voice calls.

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Skype is the most popular VoIP service and it offers a VoIP softphone client for its more than half a billion users to install on their computer. You get to call your Skype buddies for free. You can make voice calls and video calls and conferences. You pay low rates for calls to landlines and mobile phones. Skype has been improving its VoIP client for Mac, but one thing puts it behind the Windows version: it is not free, though cheap.

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Google Chat (Formerly Hangouts)

Google Chat information page

Despite being from Google, this tool integrates well into your Mac and is particularly helpful if you use Gmail and the other services of Google. Google Chat was formerly called Hangouts. In fact, the system for chatting through Google has gone through several names in the past, including Google Talk and GChat.

When you enable Google Chat in your Gmail settings, you'll have access to the free Google Workspace,  an integrated collaboration environment that merges Gmail, Chat, and Meet. Google Workspace is free to anyone with a Google account, though there are paid subscriptions that offer additional capabilities and features for organizations.

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FaceTime is a nice and simple app for video calling on Mac machines. It is exclusive to Mac and does what is expected of it, and well. It's included as part of macOS, so you don't have to buy it separately or download it. And in macOS Monterey (12.0) and later, you can also listen to music, watch movies, and share your screen with the people you're on calls with.

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Bria Solo (Formerly X-Lite)

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Counterpath excels in designing bespoke VoIP apps for customers but also has some good off-the-shelf products. Bria Solo (formerly X-Lite) is one that contains the basic (basic being relatively quite rich in features) elements of the paid apps. It offers SIP calling and contains really lots of features. It is great for use in corporate contexts. 

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Launching Viber on iPhone 5s.
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 Viber is primarily for smartphones, as is a ton of other VoIP calling app, but there is also a full-fledged app for Windows and Mac computers. 

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