Voice & Video Calls Coming Back to Facebook App, Sort Of

Some users can make calls without the Messenger app, but it's on a trial basis

Facebook is tentatively bringing Messenger functionality back to the primary Facebook app by way of a test for voice and video calls in multiple countries.

According to Bloomberg, Facebook is letting some users in select countries (including the US) try out voice and video call features using the Facebook app. This would typically require going through Facebook Messenger, since Facebook separated the functions into the messaging app back in 2014. Though if you use Facebook through your computer's browser, everything is still contained in one place.

In this photo illustration, the Facebook logo is displayed on the screen of an iPhone in front of a TV screen displaying the Facebook logo on December 26, 2019 in Paris, France.

Chesnot / Getty Images

As of now, Facebook only has confirmed testing voice and video calls in the main app. It has not said anything about whether or not we might see other Messenger functions appear in the main app in the future. It also hasn't explained what might happen to the Messenger app if these features are brought back to the Facebook app. For the time being, at least, it wants us to keep using the Messenger app.

In this photo illustration, the logo of the Messenger and Facebook applications are displayed on the screen of an Apple iPhone on April 06, 2018 in Paris.

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Facebook has not explained why it wants to re-integrate features previously spun off into a separate app. Bloomberg theorizes that it could be a way for Facebook to make itself more difficult to separate into smaller pieces.

To find out if you're part of Facebook's test, you'll need to open the Facebook app and try to pull up messaging. If you're still being prompted to install or switch over to the Messenger app, then you're not in the test.

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