Vizio 52 inch Plasma TV

A closer look at the Model GV52LF LCD HDTV from the Gallevia Line

Watching HDTV


Tom Merton/Getty Images

California-based television manufacturer Vizio was recognized in August 2007 by DisplaySearch as the #1 seller of flat panel LCD and Plasma high definition televisions (HDTVs) in the United States. Not bad for a company that hit the market several years ago with ads proudly exclaiming how affordable their products were.

Inexpensive as they were (are), Vizio wouldn't be #1 in the USA if they didn't make a good product. To celebrate their success, Vizio announced the release of four 1080P LCD HDTVs. The cream of the new models is the GV52LF, a 52-inch giant that anchors Vizio's Gallevia line.

The Panel

The panel is a 52-inch widescreen utilizing Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology. The native resolution is 1920 x 1080 (1080p). The panel supports all digital television (DTV) formats — 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i. It also supports PC resolutions up to 1366 x 768. The panel is progressive scan only through the HDMI, VGA and component inputs.

According to Vizio, the panel will display over 16-million colors. The GV52LF has a response time of 5ms, which is very good. Contrast ratio and brightness are 1000:1 and 500 cd/m2 respectively. While I would like to see the contrast ratio higher, nobody sells 52” LCDs at $2300 with contrast ratios of 10,000:1. There has to be a concession with technology at some point to get the price this low.

Insides aside, one feature I like on the GV52LF is the anti-static, hard coated screen. This should help minimize dust collecting on the screen and be easier to clean.

Inputs and Outputs

We are in a day and age where we need televisions to be versatile with connectivity. The GV52LF doesn’t disappoint in this capacity. It has just about every type of connection that you need with a few to spare:


  • 4 – HDMI w/ HDCP with an additional analog stereo audio for HDMI inputs
  • 2 - Component YPbPr plus Stereo Audio
  • 2 – Composite Video
  • 1 – RF (coaxial)
  • 1 - S-Video plus Stereo Audio
  • 1 - Computer RGB plus Stereo Audio
  • 1 - Service Port


  • 1 - Analog Audio out (RCA)
  • 1 - 5.1 SPDIF Digital Optical Audio
  • 1 - Headphone (Stereo Mini-Jack)

Other Features

The lamp inside the GV52LF is rated by Vizio as lasting 45,000 hours, which is about 20 years if watching six hours a day. Power consumption is 420W. The base and speakers are removable — speakers can be mounted separately from the panel if wall-mounting. The unit with base and speakers weighs up to 129 pounds according to Vizio.

The GV52LF has the standard features you’ll find in a lot of high end televisions. It has picture-in-picture (PIP), picture-outside-picture (POP), zoom and freeze. It has a 3D comb filter, 3:2 or 2:2 Reverse Pull-down and independent calibration of red/blue/green. It also has a V-Chip for parental controls and is Closed Caption (CC) compliant.

Wall Mounting

The GV52LF can be wall mounted but I believe you’ll have to go through Vizio to get a mount. Or, buy a wall mount that is specific for this model.

I didn’t see anything in the product literature that suggested the GV52LF was VESA compliant, which is a bummer because that will limit your options in choosing a mount.


Vizio’s one-year warranty is one of the better ones around. You get a full year of in-home repair should anything go wrong with the panel. There are some limitations to the home service, like having to be approved by Vizio before anything happens. But, it is a good warranty.

Be sure to read the fine print and you might consider buying an extended warranty since repairing a panel like this will likely cost more than the warranty itself.