The Vizio 2016 E-Series LED/LCD TV Line Profiled

Vizio 2016 E-Series Home Theater Display Example
Vizio 2016 E-Series Home Theater Display Example. Image provided by Vizio

Vizio is well-known for its abundant TV and Home Theater Display line-up, which currently consists of the high-end R and P series, the mid-range M series, and budget-priced E-series and D-Series sets. The 2016 E-series, which is spotlighted below, comprises a total of 13 sets. Of the 13 E-Series models, 7 models are 4K Ultra HD displays and 6 are 1080p HDTVs.

Although low-priced, the E-Series offers up a host of features, including 1080p or 4K native display resolution (depending on model), 120Hz or 240Hz refresh rates (depending on model), with added Clear Action motion processing for a 240Hz-like effect (depending on the model), built-in WiFi, and also incorporate Full Array LED Backlight.

Full-Array backlighting technology provides black levels that are deeper and more uniform across the entire screen surface, unlike edge-lit technology which is subject to white "blotching" and "corner spotlighting". Also, with the exception of the 32 and 40-inch 1080p models, to provide even greater control of blacks and whites, the full-array backlit sets feature from 5 to 12 independently controlled active LED local dimming zones.

Tuner Free 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Displays

One thing to point out is that although the E-Series 1080p sets all have built-in Tuners for reception of over-the-air TV programming, the 4K Ultra HD models do not. This means that those sets cannot receive over-the-air TV broadcast signals via the antenna.

To receive traditional TV programming on the E-Series 4K Ultra HD sets, you need to either connect a Cable/Satellite box via the provided HDMI inputs, or if you wish to receive TV programs over-the-air via Antenna, you will need to connect a third-party External Tuner (such as Channel Master or Tablo) that has an HDMI output, and, of course, you will also need an antenna.

Vizio's Tuner-Free approach on much of its "TV" lines means that these sets cannot be promoted or sold as TVs since they do not fit the FCC's precise definition of what a TV is. As a result, Vizio is promoting 4K Ultra HD P, M, and E products from 2016 going forward as "Home Theater Displays" - For additional details and perspective on this dilemma, read my report: When A TV Isn't Really A TV - Vizio Goes Tuner-Free.

It is interesting to note that Vizio is the only TV maker that has gone with the "tuner free" approach so far. If you prefer a set that has a built-in Tuner for receiver TV broadcasts and don't want the hassle of connecting an external box - keep this in mind before you pull money out of your wallet to purchase one of these sets.


Another change that Vizio brought to the 2016 E-Series line, is its SmartCast operating system, which is based on the GoogleCast platform.

The core of SmartCast is a new App that can not only be downloaded to any compatible iOS or Android phone or tablet. So, in addition to the provided remote control, you can use your compatible mobile device to control all the features and content access for your Home Theater Display - which includes an abundant selection of internet streaming channels (Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Crackle, Google Play, Google Play Music, and more...), as well as allowing you to share content from your mobile device and view it on the big screen.

For basic control functions, all E-Series models do include a standard remote. However, E-Series 4K Ultra HD Home Theater Displays require the use of a smartphone or tablet to perform certain setup and feature navigation tasks, and, or course for access and navigation of streaming content.

Pricing and Availability

Vizio's 2016 E-series models and suggested retail prices are as follows:

Vizio E-Series 4K Home Theater Displays

  • E43u-D2 (43-inches) - $399.99
  • E48u-D0 (48-inches) - $549.99
  • E50u-D2 (50-inches) - $459.99
  • E55u-D0 (55-inches) - $599.99
  • E60u-D3 (60-inches) - $749.99
  • E65u-D3 (65-inches) - $849.99
  • E70u-D3 (70-inches) - $1,399.99

Vizio E-Series 1080p HDTVs

  • E32-D1 (32-inches) - $199.99
  • E40-D0 (40-inches) - $279.99
  • E43-D2 (43-inches) - $299.99
  • E48-D0 (48-inches) - $369.99
  • E50-D1 (50-inches) - $389.99
  • E55-D0 (55-inches) - $449.99

It is important to note that the prices listed are the most recent available manufacturer suggested prices. Actual pricing may vary by retailer, sale/promotions, and whether the specific set is new, refurbished, or used. Also, prices in Canada will be slightly higher.