Vizio Announces E-Series LED/LCD TV Line for 2015

Example of Vizio E-Series TV for 2015. Image provided by Vizio

Dateline: 03/24/2015
Updated: 04/28/2015
Vizio, the biggest seller of Smart TVs in the U.S., has just announced their new line of very affordable E-Series TVs for 2015.

Although low-priced, the E-Series offers up a host of features, including 1080p native display resolution, 120Hz or 240Hz refresh rates (depending on model), with added Clear Action motion processing for a 240Hz or 480Hz-like effect (depending on the model), built-in WiFi, Vizio's Internet Apps Plus Smart TV platform and these sets also incorporate Full Array LED Backlight (except for the 24-inch model - which is edge-lit).

Full-Array backlighting technology provides black levels that are deeper and more uniform across the entire screen surface, unlike edge-lit technology which is subject to white "blotching" and "corner spotlighting". Also, to provide even greater control of blacks and whites, Vizio 2015 E-Series full-array backlit sets in screen sizes 40-inches and up feature from five to sixteen independently controlled active LED local dimming zones.

Vizio's 2015 E-series models and suggested retail prices are as follows (click on models numbers for additional specification info):

E24-C1 (24-inches) - $179.99

E28h-C1 (28-inches) - $199.99

E32-C1 (32-inches) - $259.99

E40-C2 (40-inches) - $349.99

E43-C2 (43-inches) - $389.99

E48-C2 (48-inches) - $479.99

E50-C1 (50-inches) - $529.99

E55-C1 (55-inches) - $629.99

E60-C3 (60-inches) - $799.99

E65x-C2 (65-inches) - $999.99

E70-C3 (70-inches) - $1,399.99

Stayed tuned for price comparison info as it becomes available. Vizio TVs are primarily sold through Amazon, Best Buy, BJ's Wholesale, Costco, Sam's Club, Target, Walmart, as well as directly through

As of the post date of this article, Vizio is listing some of the above sets as "Coming Soon" - but they are in the process of making their way to store shelves.