Vivo’s New Smartphones Dial In Your Photos

Say hello to the X80 and X80 Pro

Vivo's newest flagship smartphones, the X80 and X80 Pro are seeing a global release after initially launching exclusively in China in early 2022.

Building off its X70 series, Vivo is making high-quality photography a big focus (pun very much intended) of its new X80 models. In particular, it's partnered with optical development company ZEISS to further improve its camera tech. Cinematic aspect ratios, focal length control, Hollywood-style film effects, night photography, etc.

Vivo X80 series phones in Black and Urban Blue


In Vivo's own words, the X80 is a "classic flagship" device with significant upgrades to its camera functions. It's also using something Vivo calls "AI Gaming Super Resolution," which supposedly compresses video game resolution to reduce processing power. On paper, it's said to improve the frame rate of more intense games and reduce overall battery consumption.

As you might expect, the X80 Pro is essentially the X80 but more. CPU performance is higher thanks to a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It supports extra dynamic range (XDR) to highlight contrasting tones and has an AI-driven feature to identify the best settings for different lighting conditions. It also has a 50MP rear camera, 48MP wide-angle camera, and a 32MP front-facing camera—all of which can utilize the new ZEISS features.

Vivo X80 series phones


It's worth noting that there currently is no news of a US release or pricing, so if you want to get either device, you'll need to find a way to import. The X80 (starting around $708) and X80 Pro (starting at about $1030) are available now, with each limited to a slightly different assortment of regions, according to Android Authority. Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, and South East Asia will have access to both models. Outside of those areas, the X80 is currently limited to Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Taiwan, while the X80 Pro is only in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

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