Visual Apex Projector Screen Review

Set up your home theater anywhere with this portable indoor/outdoor screen

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Visual Apex ProjectoScreen100HD

Visual Apex Projector Screen

Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen 

What We Like
  • Solid construction

  • Easy assembly

  • Convenient carrying case

  • Decent screen

What We Don't Like
  • Difficult to snap on screen

  • Manual isn’t easy to follow

  • Screen is folded instead of rolled

Bottom Line

The Visual Apex Projector Screen is a great portable screen for both indoor and outdoor use.


Visual Apex ProjectoScreen100HD

Visual Apex Projector Screen

Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen 

We purchased Visual Apex Projector Screen so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

The Visual Apex Projector Screen is a freestanding, multipurpose screen that you can use outdoors just as easily as in your home theater. It includes a bright white vinyl screen that snaps to a freestanding aluminum frame, and it also includes the necessary hardware to mount it to a wall if you so choose.

We recently set up the Visual Apex 110HD in a home theater setting to see how easy it is to set up and break down, what kind of picture brightness and color reproduction it provides, and more.

Design: Thoughtful design makes for an easily portable screen

The Visual Apex 110HD comes packed in a convenient carrying case, which holds the frame, the screen, and even the hardware required to mount it on a wall or secure it outdoors. Everything fits neatly in the bag, and we had no trouble disassembling and packing it back up. The design is quite thoughtful and very easy to use. It’s quite utilitarian, but solidly built and not unattractive.

Visual Apex Projector Screen
Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen 

This screen is available in a number of sizes, each of which uses the same basic frame design and screen materials. We tested the 110HD, which has a diagonal viewing area of 110 inches, but Visual Apex also offers versions with 100-inch, 120-inch, 132-inch, and 144-inch screens.

Setup Process: Simple and quick, but easier with two people

Assembly was easy and fast. The frame is a little big for one person to handle alone, so it will help if you have an extra set of hands available. If you’re assembling the 144HD model, we recommend either having two people available or plenty of floor space and patience.

The setup process starts with unfolding the aluminum frame, which is all one piece. It folds out, snaps into place, and creates a solid rectangular frame onto which you can snap the projector screen. It also has holes on one side into which you can slide the folding legs. The legs are secured in place with large wing nuts, and you can also screw the included eye bolts into the top of the frame in case you ever need to mount the screen on a wall.

The frame is a little big for one person to handle alone, so it will help if you have an extra set of hands available.

Once the screen is snapped on, and the legs are inserted and secured, the screen is ready to use. However, you will also want to use the included rope and tie-down stakes if using the screen outdoors.

Construction: Folding aluminum frame with a snap-on screen

The body of the frame is made from aluminum, and it feels quite stiff and solid once assembled. The frame makes use of sections that snap into place when you unfold them, and braces that also snap into place, so it doesn’t feel like it’s in any danger of collapsing. The legs are also made from aluminum, and similarly fold out and snap into place.

Visual Apex Projector Screen
 Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen

The frame has snap fasteners around the perimeter, and the screen has matching fasteners. This allows the screen to be installed and removed from the frame without a lot of hassle. 

Screen Material: Matte white PVC

The screen is a black-backed PVC material with a cinema matte white front, 1.1 gain, and a reported viewing angle of 160 degrees. The black backing helps prevent ambient light from coming through the back of the screen, but it also means that this is a front projection screen that won’t work with rear projection projectors. It does, however, work with both short and long throw projectors.

During testing, the color uniformity and brightness was excellent for a screen in this price range. We weren’t able to test the 160-degree viewing angle in our home theater setup due to size constraints, but the viewing angles were nice and wide when using the screen outside.

Visual Apex Projector Screen
Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen  

Mounting Style: Freestanding or wall mount

The Visual Apex 110HD projector screen can be used in a freestanding configuration or mounted on a wall, so you have a lot of freedom in the way you use it. The main aluminum frame has screw holes in the top for eye bolts, which are included, and you can easily use those eye bolts to mount the whole thing to a wall.

The Visual Apex Projector Screen can be used in a freestanding configuration or mounted on a wall, so you have a lot of freedom in the way you use it.

If you prefer to use it in the freestanding configuration, it comes with two folding aluminum legs. Fold the legs out, insert them into the frame, and the screen is capable of standing on its own. It also comes with rope and tie downs if you want to use it outside without worrying about a gust of wind knocking the whole thing over.

Key Features: Super portable for such a big screen

Portability is definitely the star of the show. The 110HD is advertised as an indoor/outdoor projector screen, and they aren’t joking. The screen snaps off and folds up easily, the legs are connected by simple wing nuts, and the single-piece frame folds down to almost nothing.

Everything fits neatly in the bag, and we had no trouble disassembling and packing it back up.

The entire screen can be broken down and stored in the bag it came in, and it’s also quite lightweight due to the aluminum frame, which just makes it all the easier to haul around.

Price: Don’t pay MSRP

The Visual Apex 110HD has an MSRP of $209, which is a bit too much to pay for this projector screen. While this is a quality screen with a freestanding mount that’s easy to fold down and take with you, you can find bigger, better screens in the $200+ price range.

This screen is usually available for significantly less than the MSRP, often in the $170 to $185 range, and that type of pricing represents a much better deal. If you wouldn’t mind a slightly smaller screen, Visual Apex also has a 100-inch model that’s often available for less than $100.

Visual Apex Projector Screen
 Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen

Visual Apex Projector Screen vs. Elite Screens Yard Master 2

Typically priced between $120 and $250, the Yard Master 2 comes very close to matching the Visual Apex in terms of construction and quality. They have very similar aluminum frames, the same snap style screen mounting system, and use the same screen material.

The main difference between the Yard Master 2 and the Visual Apex 110HD is that the 110HD has a slightly larger screen. The 110HD also provides metal tie-down stakes to secure the projector screen in place when using it outdoors, while the Yard Master 2 provides plastic stakes. The 110HD also typically costs a bit more, which is understandable due to the slightly larger size.

The Visual Apex 100HD is the exact same size as the Yard Master 2, and it’s often available for between $100 and $170.

Final Verdict

Buy it if the price is right. 

The only thing about the Visual Apex Projector Screen that’s tough to recommend is the price, which comes in on the high side. If you’re able to find it for less than MSRP, then this is a great screen that you’ll get plenty of use out of both inside and outdoors. The 110HD is also worth a look for its attractive price, while the 144HD is an absolute monster that’s capable of transforming your outdoor cinematic experience.


  • Product Name ProjectoScreen100HD
  • Product Brand Visual Apex
  • Price $199.99
  • Release Date January 2014
  • Product Dimensions 104 x 43.5 x 88.5 in.
  • Color Cinema matte white
  • Dimensions (bag) 40 x 13 x 5 in.
  • Style Freestanding frame
  • Viewable Area 96 x 54 in.
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Viewable Diagonal 110 in.
  • Gain 1.1
  • Screen Material PVC (black backing, machine washable)
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