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SnagFilms was launched in July of 2008 by Ted Leonsis, and is one of the most unique websites to watch free online movies.

SnagFilms stands out because it has a great social environment where you can share your favorite videos and get trusted recommendations for the next film you watch.

This free movie site is also really easy to use. Finding films isn't hard at all and the website is designed to very clearly split up the movies from the TV shows, which some similar movie streaming websites don't do.

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Free Streaming Movies at SnagFilms

SnagFilms has thousands of advertiser supported free documentary films you can stream online. You can find your next movie by browsing through the many categories of films or by searching for one by its title.

For example, there's a Festival Favorites, Award Winners, Music, Faith and Spirituality, Drama, and Biography section, among many others.

The films at SnagFilms can be saved to a queue so you can come back and easily view movies that you've saved earlier. However, to do that, you must login to your SnagFilms user account (it's free).

Free Streaming TV Shows at SnagFilms

You can also use SnagFilms to watch free TV shows, though there currently isn't a large selection of them to choose from.

Like the movies, some of the shows at SnagFilms are categorized into genres and others are in sections like Guilt-Free TV and Guilty Pleasures.

SnagFilms' Collections

SnagFilms has a unique way that they present documentaries to users, by collections. It makes for an interesting way to find video that have been handpicked for you by the SnagFilms' editors.

Some of the more recent collections include "Before They Were Stars", "History Lessons," and "Celebrate Pride." 

Users can also create collections from the SnagFilms movie library from scratch or remix an existing collection.

Networks at SnagFilms

When you view films at SnagFilms you'll also have the ability to recommend films to your followers or share your favorite documentaries with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Accessing SnagFilms

Besides being able to access SnagFilms on your computer, there are free apps for SnagFilms that are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, smart TVs, Kindle, Windows, and other devices.

Some videos at SnagFilms are meant for a mature audience, and so those videos can only be accessed if you're over a certain age. You'll be prompted to enter your birthdate before watching those types of movies or TV shows.

The films from SnagFilms are often shown on their affiliated sites, too, like Hulu, IMDb, XFINITY TV, Huffington Post, non-profits, blogs, and more.

Where SnagFilms Gets Its Movies

SnagFilms gets its documentary films from PBS, National Geographic, and filmmaker submissions. 

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