How to Visit Other Animal Crossing Islands

Find your friends in the game

Exploring other islands is a vital part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for players wishing to discover new items and fruit and get to know others. There are a few different types of islands players can visit. Here's a look at how to travel to each different island. 

Visiting other islands requires access to the airport, which opens up after completing the game's early stages. 

How to Visit Friends in Animal Crossing

If you want to visit a friend in Animal Crossing, there are a few steps you need to follow to do so. Once you know your Switch friend's island is open, either locally or online, or you have their Dodo code, you can join them at the airport. Here's what to do.

  1. Go to the Airport.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons outside the airport.
  2. Speak to Orville and select I wanna fly!

    Animal Crossing New Horizons in the airport talking to Orville.
  3. Select I wanna visit someone

    Animal Crossing New Horizons in the airport talking to Orville with I wanna visit someone highlighted.
  4. Choose whether to join a local island or go online.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons airport with via local play highlighted in conversation with Orville.

    Local only works if your friend is playing the game nearby physically. 

  5. Select either Search for a friend or Enter a Dodo code.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons with airport dialogue for finding a friend highlighted.

    The former looks for friends on your friends list with open islands, while the latter requires you to enter a code given out by the host. 

  6. Choose to join the island and visit.

How to Visit Other Islands in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Another way to visit an island in Animal Crossing New Horizons is to use Nook Miles to buy Nook Miles Tickets to a random island. On the island, you can collect resources you may not already have available on your island. Here's how to visit.

  1. Go to the Terminal in the Resident Services building.

  2. Buy a Nook Mile Ticket for 2,000 Nook Miles.

    You may need to collect more Nook Miles by completing daily tasks.

  3. Go to the Airport.

  4. Speak to Orville.

  5. Select Use Nook Miles Ticket.

  6. Travel to the new random island.

  7. You can harvest trees and bamboo, collect fruit, collect flowers, and meet new villagers on the island. You can also invite the villagers back to your island.

  8. Once you leave, you will never return to the same island, so don't leave anything essential on the island.

How to Visit Harv’s Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Harv's Island unlocks once you have established three plots of land for new villagers on your island. He appears randomly to invite you over. Here's how to visit. 

  1. Go to the Airport.

  2. Speak to Orville.

  3. Select Visit Harv's Island.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons airport with Visit Harv's Island dialog open.
  4. Select Time for takeoff!

  5. At Harv's Island, players can take photos in his photo studio setup. It's also possible to access an unlimited supply of all your items and fossils within the studio.

What Is Good Island Etiquette?

When visiting other people's islands, you should follow some polite rules. Here's a brief overview.

  • Don't linger for too long. Like in real life, know when to leave. Don't outstay your welcome. If you've come solely to exchange goods, go once you've done so. 
  • Respect the island. Don't trash another player's island by chopping down trees or picking all their flowers. Leave it in as good condition as you found it.
  • Never 'leave quietly.' It's possible to leave an island 'quietly' by pressing the - button to leave, but this can be buggy and cause issues for players, especially if you've just traded items. Leave via the airport to ensure this does not happen.
  • Communicate with the other player. It's friendly to say 'hey' and talk to the other player, as well as potentially leave a gift. After all, you're a visitor to their home!
  • When does Redd visit Animal Crossing?

    There is no specific timeframe for Redd's visits, but you can expect to find him wandering about your island once every couple of weeks. Sometimes, you'll hear an announcement that Redd has arrived, while other times, you'll notice his Treasure Trawler and know he's there.

  • How often does Flick visit in Animal Crossing?

    Flick randomly visits islands. He could arrive any day of the year, but he will always leave the next day by 5 a.m. When Flick visits your island, be sure to sell all the bugs you can to him to make as much money as possible.

  • How do I get iron nuggets in Animal Crossing?

    To get iron in Animal Crossing, your best bet is to use a shovel or axe to strike rocks you find on your island and hope an iron nugget appears as a resource.

  • How do I get a ladder in Animal Crossing?

    To get a ladder in Animal Crossing, you'll have to progress through Tom Nook's tasks, such as paying off your tent, building your home, building Nook's Cranny, and building a bridge. After accomplishing these tasks, Nook will give you a ladder recipe.

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