Virtual Villagers Puzzle 15 Treasure Locations

A screenshot of the treasure in Puzzle 15 of the Virtual Villagers game.

The "Virtual Villagers" village simulator game series that consists of several real-time strategy games that are designed to be open-ended. The first in the series is "Virtual Villagers: A New Home." Like the other titles in the series, it contains 16 puzzles for players to solve.

Puzzle 15 has proven particularly challenging for some players. In this puzzle, players need to find the buried treasure. 

How to Solve Puzzle 15 and Find the Treasure

The treasure can be found just south of the food bin, between the temple and the bin. A clue is not given by just dragging a villager over the area. You need to place the villager – a master builder – just right to discover the hiding spot. It may take multiple tries to place the villager correctly. This puzzle requires Level 3 of Science and Level 3 of Construction.

Features of Virtual Villagers: A New Home

In this game, you nurture a tribe of people and teach them the basics of survival after their home is destroyed by a volcanic eruption and they flee to a nearby island. The game includes:

  • Hundreds of customizable villagers
  • Options to raise your own tribe
  • Real-time gameplay with surprises
  • Unpredictable Island Events
  • Customizable adventures
  • Interesting soundtracks and ambient sound effects

The Virtual Villagers Series of Games

The five games in the Virtual Villagers series were developed by Last Day of Work. They are available for Windows and MacOS computers and for iOS and Android mobile devices. The games are:

  • Virtual Villagers: A New Home
  • Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children
  • Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City
  • Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life
  • Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers
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