Where to Find More Food in the Virtual Villagers Game

How to get more food than just berry bushes

Virtual Villagers is a simulation game that tasks players with ensuring the survival of people stuck on a remote island after a catastrophic eruption destroys their homes. The most important goal is to prevent starvation, so you must always be on the look out for new sources of food in Virtual Villagers.

Information in this article applies to Virtual Villagers: A New Home for Windows, Mac, and Nintendo DS as well as Virtual Villagers: Origins for Android and iOS.

How to Get Food in Virtual Villagers

The only food source villagers have to start out with is the Berry Bush, but the supply is quickly depleted and sometimes doesn't re-grow fast enough, so you need to actively pursue other food sources. Children villagers may occasionally gather brown or red mushrooms, but these must be consumed right away or else the sunlight will wilt them. Your only alternative to berries and mushrooms is to unlock Farming Technology level two or three. 

Second level farming costs 12,000 tech points and allows you to plant crops in the field, which provides a great source of additional food. For another 100,000 tech points, you can unlock the third and final level of farming to harvest fish and crabs.

The amount of berries you start with and the tech points required to unlock farming may differ depending on which difficulty you select at the beginning of the game.

How to Get More Tech Points

If you need more tech points, assign the researcher role to two or more of your villagers, then drag them onto the research table. After a few seconds, they should get on their knees and start searching. If they start to walk away, keep trying; you may have to do this over a dozen times before they get it right and stop standing up.

Once your villagers are searching, put one of them on a cactus to make it research medicine, and put another on a Berry Bush. Wait for them to conclude their research so that you can gather tech points.

Virtual Villagers Food Cheat

If playing the Nintendo DS or mobile versions of Virtual Villagers, you can speed up research, food production, and tech point accumulation by setting your device's internal clock ahead 8-12 hours. However, using this exploit may affect other apps on your device, and your villagers can perish during this time period if they are not well fed.

How to Make Research Villagers

As soon as you start playing Virtual Villagers, you need to set one or two villagers to be researchers. Select a villager, choose Details, and check the box next to Research to set their main skill to researcher.

What to Do When Your Virtual Villagers Won't Eat

If your villagers are sick or weakened, they may refuse to eat. Keep placing them in front of the food bin until they relent and become healthy again.

Like most simulation games, Virtual Villagers doesn't end. Once you complete all of the puzzles, you can keep taking care of your villagers indefinitely.

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