25 Huge Vine Stars You Should Be Following

These Viners Know How to Impress Millions of Viewers in Six Seconds or Less

UPDATE: The Vine service has been discontinued but we've left the information below for archive purposes. See our What Was Vine? for more on this popular video sharing app.

If you don't know about Vine, well then you're missing out on a lot of great videos that are made for people with ridiculously short attention spans. That's right – no need to sit through even seven seconds of a video like you'd have to YouTube when Vine videos are just six seconds long.

Believe it or not, the biggest and most popular Vine users (most of which are young teens and 20-somethings) who have millions of followers are completely living the dream. They're talented, they're famous, they're doing what they love on a full-time basis and they can charge five-figure amounts for a single advertisement from brands that are eager to sponsor them. Internet fame and celeb status isn't just for the top YouTubers anymore.

So, who are these Vine stars anyway? And are their videos even that good?

That's for you to decide. Despite the fact that a Vine video is over in a mere few seconds before it starts looping from the start automatically, some of the top users claim that a single video can take hours to film and edit if they want it to be the absolute best.

Here are just 25 huge Viners who've turned themselves into some of the biggest and most influential social media stars you can find out there today on social media.

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Photo © Kevin Winter / Getty Images

KingBach (or Andrew King Bachelor) is currently the biggest Viner on the video sharing network with almost 15 million followers. Alongside reigning over Vine, Bachelor is also an actor who has worked with several big name celebs, starring in roles for a variety of TV shows including House of Lies, MTV2's Wild 'N Out, Black Jesus, The Mindy Project and Punk'd. He was introduced to Vine in 2013 by another big Vine star, Brittany Furlan, and nearly deleted one of the Vine videos that helped propel his fame. More »

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Nash Grier
Photo © Young Hollywood / Getty Images

18-year-old Nash Grier is apparently every teenage girl's dream boy, has over 12 million Vine followers and is practically everywhere on social media and even in the mainstream media. He has appeared on Good Morning America, The View, Fox News and recently earned an acting spot in a movie. Although his Vine videos come off as totally random, he claims to carefully plan and script them–sometimes refilming them several times over and spending hours editing them to perfection. Unsurprisingly, he also has millions of subscribers on YouTube and other popular social networks too. More »

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Lele Pons
Photo © Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Known for her hilarious, ultra-exaggerated Vine videos, Lele Pons has 10 million followers and is currently the most followed female Viner. Like many other big Viners, she's been known to do some pretty crazy stuff for her Vines (like jumping off a bridge). A lot of her Vine videos feature her pulling pranks on other people and making jokes about herself. She's one big Viner who you can often see teaming up with other big Viners to join them in their videos and to star her own.

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Brittany Furlan
Photo © David Livingston / Getty Images

Brittany Furlan is another top female Viner, and with almost 10 million followers, that shouldn't be all that hard to believe. She's one Internet personality who knows how to get wildly creative and hilarious with her comedy sketches both on Vine and on her YouTube channel. Named one of the most influential people online by Time magazine, Furlan tried to break into the acting industry before she really hit it off with her fame on Vine. In 2014, she won the Viner of the Year at the Streamy Awards. More »

Jerome Jarre
Photo © Andrew Toth / Getty Images

With over eight million Vine followers, Jerome Jarre is another smiling face to see at the top of the list–often referred to as "that French guy." After creating an account on Vine shortly after it launched back in 2013, he attracted 20,000 followers during the first six months before skyrocketing to over a million after the Ellen DeGeneres Show featured him. He eventually got so big that he was offered a $1 million brand endorsement deal, which he ended up turning down because it wasn't the message he wanted to give to his followers. More »

Rudy Mancuso
Photo © Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

Rudy Mancuso is a total pro at sharing comedic videos inspired by his Hispanic background and occasional multi-instrumental music talent to his 10 million Vine followers. Oh, and did we forget to mention that he's good friends with Justin Bieber? Yup. Every once in a while, one of his Vines will randomly feature the Biebs. Mancuso also runs a little side Vine account called Awkward Puppets that has over two million followers.

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Logan Paul
Photo © Maarten de Boer / MTV1415 / Getty Images

With nine million followers, Logan Paul is another huge Viner who actually lives in the same LA apartment building as five other top Viners (including KingBach). They all team up frequently to star in each other's videos and as a result, help each other get bigger and bigger on Vine. A journalist from Tech Insider spent a few days hanging out with Paul and some other bigger Viners, revealing what it's like to live a life of Vine stardom. He also has a brother, Jake Paul, who frequently stars in his Vine videos and has nearly five million followers of his own. More »

Brent Rivera
Photo © Chance Yeh / Getty Images

Taking an interest in acting at just 11 years old, Brent Rivera started his YouTube channel in 2009 and then, of course, his Vine channel in 2013 when it launched, taking the now 18-year-old teen comedian to a whole new level of Internet fame. Rivera's acting skills show through his hilarious Vine videos, many of which he often gets his own family members, teachers and classmates to star in as well. Get ready to laugh when you follow his channel. More »

Christian DelGrosso
Photo © Steve Granitz / Getty Images

Speaking of comedic masterminds of Vine, Christian DelGrosso is another must-follow Viner. Having dreams of becoming an actor, he signed up for Vine when it first came out and worked as hard as he could at putting out a video every day. Within a month of posting his first Vine, he had gained 10,000 followers. Today, he has over seven million followers and has completely perfected his own unique style of comedic quirkiness, often collaborating with other big Viners as well. And yup, he has a YouTube channel too.

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Brandon Calvillo
Photo © Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

While Brandon Calvillo's Vine videos may be considered extremely funny and creative, you should also be warned that they can also be quite vulgar. Regardless, his hard work has paid off, helping earn him over 5.5 million Vine followers. If you like the type of comedy that involves a lot of cursing and insulting, then you might like his channel. It's not for everyone, but hey, everyone has their own preferences! He frequently teams up with Jason Nash in his videos, another popular Viner with over two million followers. More »

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David Lopez
Photo © Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

When you watch David Lopez's Vine videos, you'll immediately see just how much creative effort goes into them. One of the unique things about Lopez is that he has this hilarious Hispanic alter-ego character named Juan who he uses in his videos to emphasize his comedy. Despite having over six million followers on Vine, he totally rocks it on his YouTube channel too, putting in just as much creative effort (if not more) into his longer comedy videos. More »

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Photo © Anna Webber / Getty Images

AlliCattt just so happens to be BFFs with Lele Pons, but she has an infectious energy and an amazing Vine style that's all her own. She originally created a Vine account so she could follow Tyler the Creator, her crush at the time. From her funny parodies to her embarrassingly accurate relatable sketches, she's mastered the art of entertaining her four million followers on Vine and the hundreds of thousands of subscribers she has on her YouTube channel.

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The Gabbie Show
Photo © Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

Gabrielle Hanna of "The Gabbie Show" is a popular YouTuber in addition to being a top Viner who posts fresh, creative content all the time. Her Vine videos are both original and hilarious, and she's never hesitant to poke fun at herself if it means it will make her audience laugh. With over four million followers, her Vine bio reads, "I'm kinda funny for a girl." Her comedic acting skills definitely prove it! More »

Brandon Bowen
Photo © Noam Galai / Getty Images

Brandon Bowen is one Viner who never lets the "haters" get to him! In 2014, he uploaded a hilariously simple Vine video featuring just himself with two plastic spoons covering his eyes, telling everyone he "was too busy ​mmmmblockin' out the haters." It was one of his most popular Vine videos that eventually helped him attract over three million followers. It doesn't end there, though. Bowen continues to upload funny videos on Vine and YouTube while often collaborates with other big Viners in their videos as well. More »

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Eh Bee
Photo © Mike Windle / Getty Images

Known as the first family of Vine, the Eh Bee family captures the quirky essence of modern family life almost perfectly and has attracted almost three million followers while doing it. Whether it involves trying to get the kids off their devices and outside or struggling to say the right thing to the wife (Mama Bee) and screwing it up in the process, their Vine channel is one of the most unique, funny and creative that you can follow. You'll feel like part of the family after watching just a few of their Vine videos. They're also 1.2 million subscribers strong on YouTube!

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Screenshot of Vine.co

QPark is another charismatic genius of Vine who often uses exaggerated comedy to really make his videos stand out. In addition to that, he's known to go out in very random, busy public places in New York City to play pranks on people for the sole purpose of entertaining his three million followers. AllKPop Buzz has a great interview with QPark that you can read here, which details everything about his Vine journey, including how he started out and his goal of changing people's perception of Korean-Americans. More »

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Zach King
Photo © Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Are you a fan of watching videos with crazy special effects? Then Zach King's Vine channel is a must-follow. His professional editing skills coupled with his creative concepts will blow you away. King has 3.8 million followers on Vine and over one million on his YouTube channel, FinalCutKing. At the 2014 Streamy Awards, he won the award for Best Vine Creativity. More »

Darius Benson
Screenshot of Vine.co

With three million followers, Darius Benson knows exactly how to craft a clever, funny sketch that appeals to the Vine community. He's another big Viner who has been known to work together with other Viners in videos, although many of his videos simply feature himself playing two different characters. Like other big Viners, he has a large presence on other social networks and works hard to create longer videos on his YouTube channel.

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Daz Black
Screenshot of Vine.co

​Daz_Black is a Viner from the UK who has some of the most hilarious and random videos you'll ever see. From overly exaggerated Kim Kardashian impressions to rants about super relatable situations, he knows how to make it ridiculous in just the right way when it comes to entertaining his three million followers. You can also see him collaborating with other big Viners from the UK and running his popular gaming channel on YouTube. More »

Meghan McCarthy
Photo © Michael Stewart / Getty Images

Her Vine bio says it all: "I'm older than I sound." Meghan McCarthy is best known for her distinct voice, which could easily be mistaken for coming from a four-year-old. Sometimes she'll dub her own voice over a video clip of someone talking (like Kanye West, for example) in a very serious situation for comedic effect. With over three million followers and nearly one million subscribers on YouTube, she definitely knows how to entertain! More »

Danny Gonzalez
Screenshot of Vine.co

If you love Zach King's Vine channel, you'll probably love Danny Gonzalez's channel too. While his style is more quirky and comedic, he clearly knows his way around professional video editing software. And his sketches are some of the most original and creative that you can find on Vine. He has two million followers and occasionally posts longer sketches with fun effects on his YouTube channel.

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Jay Versace
Photo © Joshua Blanchard / Getty Images

Jay Versace used his extremely random, imaginative comedic talent to grow his Vine channel to 2.8 million Vine followers relatively quickly. His persistence and support for other Viners by re-vining their videos helped him increase his follower count by 400,000 followers within the span of a single month. Many of his Vines consist of himself playing several different characters, and he often places various objects on his head to help viewers tell the characters apart from each other. He's also on YouTube. More »

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Screenshot of Vine.co

No, he's not a dog, although the dog is the only one whose face is ever shown in his videos. Trench is the stage name of this wildly talented fingerstyle guitarist, harpist and multi-instrumentalist regularly plays covers of popular songs alongside his adorable dog named Maple who frequently accompanies him in his music. One of his most viral Vine videos involves Maple playing the cowbell with him while he plays the guitar, helping him reach nearly two million followers today. Maple even has a Vine channel of her own. More »

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Jus Reign
Screenshot of Vine.co

Jus Reign doesn't post Vine videos quite as often as some of the other big Viners on this list, but when he does, they're gold. He's a popular YouTuber who makes the silliest, craziest videos while innocently poking fun at his own Indian background. When it comes to Vine, he takes a similar approach to others by playing different characters in the same scene and using random objects to distinguish among them. His fake Indian accent and exaggerated jokes have helped him get to 1.3 million followers.

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Screenshot of Vine.co

BigCatDerek is operations director at the Center for Animal Research and Education (CARE) in Texas. He films a lot of funny and super cute videos of the big cats that live at the center including lions, tigers, cougars, panthers, bobcats and more... with a random llama cameo here and there! If you love animals, BigCatDerek is a must-follow. He has over one million followers on Vine, and best of all, everything he and his team does at CARE is all in support of animal rights, research and education. And yes, he's also on YouTube! More »