Vine Arrives for Apple Watch

Now you can watch Vines on your Apple Watch. Twitter launched Vine for Apple Watch this week, an updated version of the iPhone app that brings the 6-second video clips to your wrist as well.

Vine for the Apple Watch offers two distinct feeds: favorites and Features.  With favorites, you can browse through videos posted by friends and others you’ve marked as a “favorite” within the app. This is really the place to put your go-to creators that you want quick access to on the fly.

With Featured, you; ll see some of the Vines that Twitter has hand-selected from across a number of different categories, including Sports, Music, and Comedy.

“When we set out to build Vine for the Apple Watch, we focused on making sure that you can quickly access the content on Vine that is most important to you — accounts that you have selected as a Favorite and posts that are getting lots of views,” said Vine’s Simon Corsin in a blog post announcing the new app. “We hope you like it.”

In order to get Vine on your Apple Watch you’ll need to first download the latest version of the iPhone app. once you do, launch the standard Apple Watch app on your iPhone, locate Vine from the list of available apps, and then enable the app on your Watch by selecting “Show App on Apple Watch.”

The app also includes a complication option. To add that, you need to press firmly on your Apple Watch screen to bring up the watch face builder.

From there, select a watch face with complications (if you’re not using one already) and then tap “Customize.” You’ll be able to find the Vine complication from the available options, and add it to your Apple Watch face wherever you’d like. The complication will display the number of times the Vines you’ve created have been looped.

If you’re not a Vine star than that might be a bit of overkill, but hey, if you just like keeping up with how popular you are at any given moment, then it can be a nice feature.

In addition to the Apple Watch functionality, the latest version of the Vine app for iOS adds a new feature that makes it easier to discover Vines on your phone. Now when you’re viewing a Vine that you like, you can swipe left of it to see more Vines that are similar to the one you’re already enjoying.

The new version of the app also makes it easier to make your own Vine Remix. Now you can tap on the “…” on any Vine and then select “Make an audio remix” to create your own Vine using the audio from that specific post. Tapping the music note on a specific cine will also bring up track and sound info for the post ​if you want to dive a little deeper.

Ready to give it a try? You can get the updated version of Vine here.