Vimeo Now Supports Dolby Vision for Apple Devices

The new feature is available to all users

Video hosting platform Vimeo now supports Dolby Vision videos for Apple devices.

According to a blog post, all users on the platform can start hosting and sharing Dolby Vision regardless of their tier.

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Dolby Vision is a new video format that can produce cinema-grade content thanks to its HDR (high dynamic range) technology. The format can deliver vibrant colors with brighter highlights and deeper blacks. It was implemented into the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro when they launched last October, but there wasn’t a platform where users could share their Dolby Vision videos.

Due to the limited implementation of the format, users will be restricted to the platform if they wish to keep the format's high quality. Vimeo seems to be aware of this, as the blog post appears to be catered to professionals and creators who are serious about shooting in Dolby Vision.

The platform is giving people who upload this type of content up to 7 TB of storage, a customizable video player, and a special badge on the website denoting its high quality so viewers know what to expect.

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In order to experience Dolby Vision’s high quality, users must watch on a compatible Apple device, such as an Apple TV 4K, a second-generation iPad Pro, and above.

Any Windows computer or device that can stream Dolby Vision videos will not be supported. This is a feature strictly for Apple devices with no news given on if/when other devices will be allowed.

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