View Two PowerPoint Presentations at the Same Time

Compare two PowerPoint presentations

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You received an updated version of a presentation you were working on and want to see what changes were made in the edited version. You may want to make a final check before sending one of the presentations to your boss or client. Whatever the reason, it's easy to view two (or more) PowerPoint presentations at the same time.

Instructions in this article apply to PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010; PowerPoint for Office 365, and PowerPoint for Mac.

View Two Presentations at One Time

When you want to compare two PowerPoint presentations, stack the windows so that you can view each presentation without flipping back and forth.

  1. Open two presentations.

  2. Go to View.

  3. Select Arrange All. PowerPoint stacks both presentations side by side.

    Arrange All in PowerPoint
  4. Navigate between slides to compare them individually.

When you want to copy slide between the two open presentations, change the view in both arranged presentations to Slide Sorter view. To copy slides, drag selected slides from one presentation to the other.

Comparing two slideshows in Slide Sorter view

The Arrange All option provides the best results if you use two presentations. If you want to arrange more than two presentations, you will need a much larger display to benefit.