How to View & Type Emojis on a PC or Mac Computer


Dimitri Otis / Getty Images

So, you've already figured out how to activate that fun little keyboard on your phone that lets you start typing with all those iconic emoji icons, but on a regular old laptop or desktop PC, things are a little bit different. Certain sites like Twitter at least let you see emoji when you're browsing on the regular web, but others, like Instagram, only display hollow boxes when you're trying to read the description of a photo on a computer.

If you want to be able to see and type emoji on your computer, there are a few different ways you can go about doing it. Here are some of the best and easiest options.

Install an Emoji Extension or App for Your Web Browser

An easy way to send and see emoji as they appear on mobile devices is by installing an add-on or extension to use on the web browser you regularly use. Here are a couple options available for some of the most popular web browsers to get you started.

Chromoji for Google Chrome: This extension detects any hollow boxes on web pages you're browsing and replaces them with the right emoji icon. It also comes with a handy toolbar button you can use to type out emoji characters.

Emoji Free for Mac Safari: If Safari is your browser of choice, you can download this as an app from the Mac App Store which not only lets you see and type emoji in all your favorite social networking sites in Safari, but you can also do so in your Mac emails, folders, contacts, calendar and more.

Unfortunately, there aren't very many great emoji options for Firefox if you use it as your browser, and you'll find the most selection of emoji extensions for Chrome. Emojify is another Chrome alternative that also lets you easily view and type emoji in the browser, comparable to Chromoji.

If You Just Need Emoji for, Use iEmoji

Twitter is the place to go online if you want to tweet and interact with emoji characters. In April 2014, emoji support was actually brought to Twitter on the web, replacing all those ugly hollow boxes with the iconic images to streamline both mobile and web versions.

Although you can now see emoji on, you can't type them on a regular computer keyboard, but iEmoji is a site that solves that problem. You can sign in through your Twitter account, type your tweet in the text field at the top, and add emoji from the display below by clicking on the ones you want to be included in your tweet.

There's also a message preview box located in the right sidebar of iEmoji, which lets you see exactly how your tweet or message will appear. You can also copy and paste any text you find on the web that displays hollow boxes into iEmoji and look at the message preview to see which corresponding emoji images are translated.

Extra Tip: Use Emojipedia to Find Emoji Meanings

Want to know more about emoji? Emojipedia is a great place to look for all the emoji categories, their meanings and even the different image interpretations by platform (like iOS, Android and Windows Phone).