How to Set Up and View Netflix Using Vista Windows Media Center

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Introduction to WMC and Netflix

netflix windows media center
Using Netflix With WMC.

Windows Media Center for Vista Home Premium and Ultimate can access Netflix online media. Other versions of WMC including XP Media Center and the WMC included with Windows 7 do not provide this access.

Netflix is a convenient service. For Vista Windows users with a Broadband Internet connection, the service can be even more convenient and enable you to not only view movies on your PC but also on your television, if it is connected. Using Netflix via the WMC simplifies the process of selecting movies for the various queues and instant play.

To access Netflix via the Windows Media Center, start by opening the Windows Media Center and locating the Netflix icon. If you don't see the Netflix icon, click Download Now to download the latest Netflix on WMC installation package by following this path: Tasks > Settings > General > Automatic Download Options > Download Now.​ Restart WMC.

Note: Microsoft discontinued support for Vista in 2010. However, if you have trouble with this process, Microsoft publishes a troubleshooting guide for Vista and Netflix.

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Start the Netflix Installation Process

netflix windows media center
Install Netflix.

1. Click on the Netflix icon.

2. Click the Install button.

3. Click the Open Website button.

4. Click Run to launch the Netflix Windows Media Center installer.

Note: Anywhere in the process you may see a security message from Windows, just click Yes or OK and continue the process.

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Continue the Netflix Installation and Install Silverlight

netflix windows media center
Install Netflix and Silverlight.

1. At the Install Netflix in Windows Media Center screen, click Install Now to install Netflix.

3. At the Install Microsoft Silverlight screen, click Install Now.

4. At the Enable Microsoft Update screen, click Next.

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Finish the Installation and Start Netflix

netflix windows media center
Start Netflix.

Wait until the installation is complete.

2. At the Restart Windows Media Center screen, click the Finish button.

3. When WMC restarts, it will open the Netflix login screen. Enter your username and password, check the Remember Me box and click Continue. (If you have not yet set up an account, this screen also gives you that opportunity, or you can go to and do that using an internet browser.)

4. Choose a movie title that you want to watch. Click on it.

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Select a Movie and Play It

netflix windows media center
Select a Movie and Watch It.

When the movie description opens you are just seconds from watching your movie:

  1. Click Play to begin the movie.
  2. At the Netflix Sign-In Required screen, click Yes. The movie begins to play in Windows Media Center.
  3. Adjust the WMC settings to your taste and enjoy the movie.
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