How to View EXIF Metadata in the Photos App in iOS 15

See where photos were taken and more

What to Know

  • While viewing a picture in the Photos app, tap the info (i) icon. 
  • Swipe up if you can’t see all of the EXIF data.
  • The EXIF viewer in Photos requires iOS 15 or later.

This article explains how to view the EXIF metadata in the Photos App in iOS 15.

How Do I View EXIF Data on iOS?

EXIF data is in the info pane of the Photos app in the same place you look to see when you took a photo or the file's name. In addition to the date and name of the file, you can also see what type of camera or phone took the photo, the resolution of the picture, and metadata about the camera settings, like shutter speed and aperture settings.

Here’s how to view EXIF data on iOS:

Viewing EXIF data in the Photos app requires iOS 15 or newer.

  1. Open the Photos app.

  2. Tap a photo.

  3. Tap the info icon (i) below the image.

  4. Look under the image for EXIF metadata.

    Photos in iOS 15 with a photo, the information icon, and EXIF metadata highlighted

Do iPhone Photos Have EXIF Data?

By default, photos taken with your iPhone will contain EXIF metadata. Viewing iPhone photo EXIF data works the same as viewing the EXIF data for other images, but there will typically be more information. The EXIF data will include the model of your phone, camera settings, the resolution of the image, and even the location where you took the photo.

Here’s how to view the EXIF data of an iPhone photo:

  1. Open the Photos app.

  2. Tap a photo that was taken with an iPhone.

  3. Tap the info icon (i) below the image.

  4. Look under the image for EXIF metadata.

  5. Touch the EXIF data area, and swipe up to see all of the EXIF data, including where you took the photo.

    Photos app in iOS 15 with information icon, EXIF data, and full iPhone photo EXIF data highlighted

What if a Photo Doesn’t Have EXIF Data?

If you tap the info icon while viewing a picture in the Photos app, and you don’t see anything but the date taken and the file's name, that means the image doesn’t have any EXIF data. There isn’t anything you can do about that. Not all cameras generate EXIF metadata, and it’s also possible to remove the EXIF data from a photo after you took it. EXIF data can also be lost when editing photos and switching file formats.

Removing the geotags from your iPhone photos before sharing them online is a good idea from a security perspective. Other EXIF metadata reveals information about your phone or camera and your settings. The geotag metadata can let someone see precisely where you took a picture, which is information you may not want to share.

  • How do I view a photo's EXIF data in Windows?

    To see an image's EXIF data in Windows, right-click the photo and select Properties. Select the Details tab to see your photo's EXIF metadata.

  • How do I see a photo's EXIF data on a Mac?

    Open the photo on your Mac using Preview, and then click the Tools menu. Select Show Inspector, click the EXIF tab, and view your photo's advanced information.

  • How do I remove EXIF data?

    To remove EXIF data using a Windows 10 PC, right-click the image and select Properties > Details. Click Remove Properties and personal information, and then select the information items you want to delete. On a Mac, use Photoshop or Lightroom to remove EXIF data, or try a third-party program like EXIF Purge.

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