How to View Attached Images Instantly in Yahoo! Mail

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Attached images are great stuff, no doubt about that, but having to download the attachment, start an appropriate application on your computer, and then open the downloaded file in that app is a bit cumbersome just to take a look. That's what you have to do when you use Yahoo! Basic Mail. However, if you use Full-Featured Yahoo, you can view attached images immediately in your incoming email messages without downloading the file. Toggling between the two versions of Yahoo! Mail is simple.

How to View an Image in Yahoo Mail Basic

If you use Yahoo Mail Basic format, images do not show up immediately in an email. Instead, you see a link icon with a Save button under it. Saving the link downloads the file to your computer where you can open an application and view it.

How to View an Image in Full-Featured Yahoo Mail

If you prefer to see a preview of an attached image in the email, you must use the Full-Featured version of Yahoo Mail. Depending on your settings in Full-Featured Yahoo Mail, you may see this warning: This message contains blocked images.

  1. Click Show Images to see the images immediately in the body of the email, or click Change this setting.

  2. In the Setting screen that opens, choose Always, except in Spam folder from the menu next to Show Image in emails.

  3. Click Save.

How to Toggle Between Basic and Full-Featured Yahoo Mail

To switch from Basic to Full-Featured Yahoo Mail, click Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail at the top of the Basic Yahoo Mail window.

To switch back to Basic from Full-Featured Yahoo Mail:

  1. Click the Menu cog at the top of the Mail window.

  2. Choose Settings from the menu that appears.

  3. Click Viewing Email in the left panel of the Settings window that opens.

  4. In the Mail Version section, click the radio button next to Basic to select it.

  5. Click Save.