What Should I Make a Video About?

Fun, creative video ideas

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You have everything you need to make a video: a computer, camera, and software. Now you just need one more essential thing: some creative ideas for your videos.

When you are stumped for a video topic, explore these tried-and-true ideas to inspire movies that are fun to make as well as to watch.

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Your Skills and Talents

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Everyone has a special talent or something that they're very good at doing, so why not share yours in a how-to video? Whether you're a great chef, painter, or mathematician, you can make a video that shows the world how to do what you do best.

How-to videos are also a great way to share your personality along with your expertise, so let your personality shine through, be entertaining, and have some fun while you're filming.

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Your Family

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Families can be great sources of ideas for videos, not only for other family members — especially those who may not see each other often — but also for people outside the family who might be interested in your lives (though you should check with all the people you'll be including in your video to make sure they are okay with it if you plan to publish videos online that include them).

A family video memoir can incorporate old home movies, photographs, ​and current interviews and footage. This is a great project for the holidays, a reunion or any sort of gift, and you can be certain that it will always be treasured.

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Interesting People

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If you're stuck for a video topic, find someone interesting in your life and ask them to sit for a video interview. Do they have an interesting job? Did they grow up in a place people might want to know more about, or during an interesting period in history? If you ask the right questions and listen carefully, you'll find great topics for your videos.

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Virtual Tours

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Why not take viewers on a tour of someplace that's special to you? Whether it's your home, your city, or a special destination, a virtual tour can be a unique and enlightening way to let audiences into your life.​

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Animated Video

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For some video-making inspiration, try creating some animation with a tool like Xtranormal or GoAnimate. It's a fun way to work with characters and situations that reflect real life but may not be easy to capture on video.

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Video Diary

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Why not make a video about yourself? You're an interesting person with likes and dislikes. Make a video with your webcam and pour out your heart. It's a format that has worked for many of the biggest YouTube stars.

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Documentaries don't have to be long and boring. The most interesting stories are true stories, and short-form documentaries can tell those stories in a way that is easy to produce and engaging to watch.

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Commercial videos convey a memorable message in a short amount of time. You can make a commercial for your favorite business, product, or politician, or get silly and make phony commercials like they do on Saturday Night Live.

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YouTube Mash-Up

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Even though the YouTube Video Editor went away in September 2017, there are alternative video editing options for re-cutting your uploaded videos. It's a great way to create highlight videos or remixes.

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Video Card

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You can create a video card using photos, videos, and animation. Many sites offer free templates, and it's a great way to make friends and family smile.