Video Sharing Web Sites

Top Online Video Sharing Solutions

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Atsushi Yamada / Getty Images

Video sharing on the web can occur through free video sharing sites like YouTube, or through paid content delivery networks. Each video sharing site offers its own advantages and drawbacks as well as unique features and access to unique audiences.

Below is a quick rundown of many the top video sharing web sites. For help choosing the video sharing solution that's right for you, read the article, Things to Consider When Choosing a Video Sharing Site.

  • Video Sharing on Drop Shots
    A family focused site, Drop Shots allows users to easily upload and share videos and photos with family and friends.
  • Video Sharing on Daily Motion
    Daily Motion offers a clean interface and all of the tools you expect from a quality video sharing site.
  • Video Sharing on Meta Cafe
    A mix of user-generated and professionally produced videos, Meta Cafe lets you upload and share videos with a broad audience.