5 Video-Sharing Apps With the Shortest Time Lengths

Keep your videos short and sweet with these social apps

Video is hot on the web, and the faster you can get your point across, the better. This is especially true when you're watching a video on a mobile device.

Some of the most popular video-sharing apps have time limits of only a few seconds. That might seem like nothing, but you'd be surprised at the kinds of great things you can film, edit, and publish with just a few seconds of video footage.

Check out these five popular video-sharing apps that have been built for the average mobile web user's short attention span and craving for visual content that gets straight to the point.

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Instagram used to be everybody's favorite mobile ​photo-sharing app — and it still is — but now that videos can be filmed through the app and uploaded from your device, you have a whole new way to interact and engage with your followers. Instagram Stories videos must be a minimum of 3 seconds long and can be a maximum of 15 seconds. Videos on the main feed can run up to 60 seconds. For now, there's no way to separate or filter out video content from photos on Instagram. More »

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Like Instagram, Snapchat lets you post both photos and videos. For a long time, videos were limited to just 10 seconds, but now you can record Snap videos that run for 60 seconds. Photos and videos self-destruct after only a few seconds once your recipients have viewed them. You can send your photo or video messages to individual friends or post them as Snapchat Stories so they can be viewed over and over again publicly by all your friends for up to 24 hours. More »

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Some video apps are more about the editing features while others focus heavily on the social networking experience. Tweak is an app people use to trim down long YouTube videos into 25 seconds or less, and it's an app that goes over big on social media sites. Users get their own feed and tabs to see videos that are newest, trending, featured and NSFW. You can tap any video to be taken to the full version on YouTube where it originated. More »

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Vigo Video (formerly Flipagram) is a handy tool you use to transform the photos you post on social media into a short slideshow video. You have up to 15 seconds for your video. The app accesses your camera roll and social media accounts so you can easily select photos to use, and then lets you set your slideshow video to music using a track on your device or from the app. More »

The name says it all. 1 Second Everyday is a different kind of video that limits you to choosing one-second clips, so they can be stitched together into one big video. The concept is to create a video made up of one-second clips filmed on every day of your life. If you stick to filming just a second a day every single day for the next several years, you'll end up with your own personal movie. More »