Video Resolutions for the New Year

I promise to put a GoPro in the dog dish each and every morning...

As the calendar rolls over once again, many of us will resolve to do all sorts of things: lose weight, join a book club, paint more… Again, all sorts of things. We thought it would be fun to drum up a few video related resolutions for the new year. If we make a resolution to try something new, consider it a double resolution: we’ll also write about it here.

Resolution #1: I will keep my shots in focus - this one should be a breeze.

We will just use a camera with auto-focus…right? We think it could be a blast to practice maintaining focus on a subject while moving around with a manual focus camera. DSLRs are great to practice with, and can capture great video on a budget!

Resolution #2: I will frame my shots correctly - We will be referring back to our framing guide, keeping in mind the Rule of Thirds! We’re going to try capturing our shots at different focal lengths to add drama, anxiety or intrigue to our videos!

Resolution #3: I will add a light to my setup - last year we covered some of the basics for improving iPhone video with the addition of light. This year we will go in depth with video lighting. Whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist, lighting techniques are interesting and can yield incredible results.

Resolution #4: I will start using external microphones to improve audio - Ok, so we’ve been doing this one for a while, but we want to be expert with a variety of microphones.

If our wireless lavaliere microphone is getting interference, we want the option to plug in a wired boom microphone. Or may we’ll want to run and gun with a shotgun microphone firmly planted in our DSLR’s shoe.

Resolution #5: I will practice shooting on black, white and green backgrounds - we touched on improving our greenscreen shooting skills this year, but shooting on white, black and green backgrounds are all cool ways to create nice, consistent looking videos.

The compositing options the greenscreen adds open the door to a world of creativity, and we want to explore it.

Resolution #6: I will try shooting on two types of cameras I’ve never used before - for this year we want to test out some of the small pro cameras from Blackmagic Design, take a look at Sony’s incredible mirrorless camera collection, try out GoPro’s HERO4 Session and maybe even fly a few drones we’ve never touched before.

Resolution #7: I will edit my videos using both mobile and desktop editing suites - Sorry, Premiere. You’re still the boss, but we are going to try editing video using Adobe Clip for iPad, HitFilm 4 Pro, Fusion 8, and DaVinci Resolve 12.

Resolution #8: I will shoot video for fun - this will be a tough one. When freelance work abounds it can be easy to forget to simply go out and enjoy making video. Shooting a scene and playing around with visual effects, or trying to capture a particular look or feel or just putting a camera on a tripod in front of a bird feeder can be hugely gratifying.


Resolution #9: I will learn more about making good video - this one is simple. Writing for the greatest website on the planet is motivation enough to stay on top of the most exciting area in tech right now.

Video is the future of online content, and we are at the leading edge of the knowledge pool. Want to start a video blog? We’ll show you how. Want to buy an editing computer? We can help there too. Our goal is to make each and every person interested in video better at making it.