Video DownloadHelper

The Bottom Line

Video DownloadHelper is a Firefox extension that gives you the ability to capture and download audio, video, and image files from websites like YouTube. You can also receive alerts whenever a new video is available within your interest range on a select group of sites.


  • Multimedia files can be retrieved and saved from sites that do not offer a download option.
  • You are alerted whenever a file becomes available for download on the page that you are viewing.
  • Supported sites are displayed and sorted based on user interest and ratings.
  • Works on more sites and file types than most other extensions and applications of this type.
  • Available for the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.


  • Some sites remain in the supported list even after they have been taken offline.


  • The DownloadHelper icon is added to Firefox's navigation toolbar upon installation of the extension.
  • When a media file that can be captured and downloaded is detected, the aforementioned icon becomes colorful and animated.
  • Clicking on the down arrow located next to the animated icon displays the file name(s) that are available for download.
  • Selecting a specific file name will give you the option to choose a destination location and begin the download process.
  • The DownloadHelper option in Firefox's content menu contains several options, including the extension's Preferences dialog.
  • Download mode can be configured to either retrieve one file at a time or all files at once.
  • The default storage directory for downloaded files can be modified via the extension's Preferences.
  • MediaLink settings allow you to download files based on their extension type (i.e., .jpg, .gif, .mov
  • The Supported Sites option, located in the DownloadHelper context menu, displays all media sites currently supported.
  • Sites with accessible adult content can be displayed by selecting the appropriate option in the Media Sites dialog window.

Expert Review — Video DownloadHelper

Videos seem to be slowly taking over the web. Ranging from newsworthy to comedic, these short clips and full-length features have made sites like YouTube and Google Videos a very hot commodity. Wouldn't it be nice if we could save the videos we like to our hard drives? Video DownloadHelper lets you achieve this very easily. This extension eliminates the need for advanced knowledge or complicated software to obtain the media files that we want. Just a simple mouse click transfers a video, audio clip, or image from a web site directly to your computer. Better yet, you can configure the extension to automatically alert you whenever videos relating to keywords that you specify become accessible. The list of supported sites is impressive, and it continues to grow. Also, it is apparent that the developers of this extension take pride in their work and are constantly updating it with new features and sites. There are other media download extensions available for Firefox, but they pale in comparison to Video DownloadHelper. I personally use this one every day, and recommend it for anyone interested in downloading embedded media.