What Is a Video Curator and What Do They Do?

If you love to watch videos, video curation may be for you

A video curator has a knack for finding the gems in mountains of online videos. Video curators watch hundreds of videos, gather the best videos in playlists on YouTube or another website, and distribute the channel to a network of fans.​

The best video curators have a keen interest in the subjects that their video channels cover. You'll find curated video channels focused on everything from skateboarding to kittens, fast cars to knitting.

How to Become a Video Curator

At a basic level, becoming a video curator is simple. All you have to do is sign up for a YouTube account, create a playlist of your favorite videos, and publish it to your video channel. Just like that, you're a video curator.

Curated YouTube videos

If you want more control over your curated video channel, create a video blog, which is a separate website that you use to display your curated videos, under your own design and branding. Use video SEO to build a fan base for your curated videos, and you could become the next tastemaker for your video subject.

Either way, choose a topic or topics that interest you and focus your curated videos on your chosen topic. You'll be more likely to attract viewers when your video site has a clearly defined personality.

Personal Touch vs. Automating Video Curation

Personally selecting the videos for your site is the best way to ensure the content is on-target for your intended audience, but there are software programs that can curate videos for you automatically. Programs such as Viral Video Curator Pro search the internet for videos that meet your specified criteria. Although automatic curation may sound attractive to someone with little time to spend looking through hundreds of videos, the top curated video sites are done by humans, not software.

Popular Curated Sites

If curating your own videos isn't on the docket, but watching curated videos is, check out some of the popular sites that offer curated videos for your viewing pleasure. Many of them feature specialties for certain interests as well.

  • Screeningsfocuses on great design videos in all categories including animation, documentaries, photography, logo design, prototyping and lots more.
  • Findie tracks down videos that match your viewing pleasure by mood, theme, or genre. The site asks you how you'd like the videos to make you feel, and it takes delivering seriously.
  • Uncrate delivers up-to-the-minute videos people are buzzing about. Uncrate is the place to find the most exciting videos online. Search by category, watch the latest or most popular videos or bring up random videos. Favorite topics include cars, tech, shelter, vices, and style.
  • The Kid Should See This — the place to go for child-friendly content that kids can watch without happening upon something inappropriate. Head on over to The Kid Should See This and check out its massive library of curated, kid-safe videos. Even though it is aimed at kids, adults can enjoy the entertaining videos.
  • BestOfYouTube — somewhat limited in features, but there is no easier place to go to see the latest viral sensations from YouTube. While you are there, vote on the videos — either thumbs-up or thumbs-down.
  • Brain Pump — feeds your curiosity. This site specializes in videos about topics such as psychology, chemistry, finance, technology, and game design.
  • Digg Video — loaded with current events videos and viral winners. It's hard to identify the categories covered here, but each video is fascinating.

Like most things, video curation can take a bit of practice, but rounding up exactly the videos you feel like watching or sharing can be highly rewarding. Start with YouTube playlists, sharing the videos you think excel, and then see where it takes you.

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