Video Chat Made Easy With MeBeam

MeBeam Video Chat and Its Capabilities

MeBeam Video Chat was a quick, easy way for you and your friends to get together for a video chat. The service is now defunct. It allowed any user to create video conference rooms for up to 16 people. MeBeam did not require registration, login or downloading of software.​

Below is a review of the service when it was still active.

When you wanted to video chat using MeBeam you could just go there and start chatting. There was nothing to download to use MeBeam video chat. Just go to MeBeam and start video chatting.

Before You Can Video Chat

Before you could use MeBeam video chat, you'd have to plug in your webcam to your computer and download any software that came with your webcam. Then make sure the webcam worked on your computer. As long as your webcam worked on your computer, you'll be able to use it on MeBeam to video chat.

Two Ways to Video Chat

There were 2 ways to video chat with MeBeam. You could enter open chatrooms and chat with whoever was already online using MeBeam video chat. All you would have to do to start video chatting with other MeBeam members is click on the "Next Room" button. There were several different open chatrooms that you could join. You could start your video chat right away with anyone who happens to be on MeBeam at the time.

The other way to video chat on MeBeam was to set up your very own private chat room. This was just as simple as joining an open chatroom. All you would have to do to start your own video chatroom was create a name for your chatroom. Then email your friends and tell them to meet you there for a video chat.

Your friends could now go to MeBeam video chat, type in the name of your chatroom, and join you in your private video chat. There could be up to 16 people in a chatroom at a time, including you.

Text and Voice Chat

At the bottom of the video chat screen was where you do your chatting. Enter whatever you wanted to say in the box and chat. If you and your friends all had audio and speakers on your computers, you could also talk to each other using MeBeam video chat.