Victrola’s Latest Turntable Is the Eco-Friendly Re-Spin

Comes with a price tag of $99.99

Turntable and speaker manufacturer Victrola unveiled its new retro style and eco-friendly record player, the Re-Spin, at CES 2022.

The Re-Spin is a suitcase-style record player that is 20 percent smaller and lighter than traditional record players. It houses the company’s latest anti-vibration technology and a dual speaker system in its enclosure, which enables high quality sound with an emphasis on bass, while also eliminating unnecessary vibrations. Less vibration means fewer skipping songs and scratching of vinyl records.

Re-Spin Red


You can also enjoy the Re-Spin’s sound either wired or wirelessly. Victrola has added a 1/8-inch headphone jack, plus some RCA ports. Installed within the chassis is a preamplifier, which boosts the sound for an outside stereo system.

For wireless listening, the Re-Spin can stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device if you want to use it as a speaker. That said, if you want to play music from the Re-Spin instead, you can connect it to any outside Bluetooth speaker, too.

Re-Spin Colors


The Re-Spin will be available in Q3 2022, but no exact date has been given. It’ll come in four different colors—blue, green, gray, and red—with a price tag of $99.99, making it one of Victrola’s more affordable options next to the currently available Journey and Parker turntables.

Additionally, to reduce the Re-Spin’s carbon footprint, its packaging will be made out of 100 percent recyclable material.

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