Vewd: What Is It and How Does It Work?

The TV app store is used with smart TVs and set-top boxes

Popular streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, or Pandora come pre-installed on many smart TVs and media streamers. With Vewd, you can watch content on additional movie and TV apps without having to download and install them.

Vewd was formerly known as Opera TV or the Opera TV app store.

What Is Vewd?

Vewd doesn't require you to download or install apps because the content is run directly from Vewd's cloud-based store. Because they live in the cloud, content doesn't take up storage space on your streaming device or smart TV. They also update automatically, so you don't have to worry if you have the latest version of a specific service you want to watch.

Vewd also automatically adds new content as it becomes available and removes apps that it can no longer provide. If you want to watch something, just select the service and choose a title to watch. Additionally, Vewd features a Recommended Videos category.

TV and streaming device manufacturers have the option of including the entire Vewd OS or providing their own core apps using another OS, such as Android TV, which may include Vewd as one option. When users open Vewd, they are able to access video and game content through additional services provided by Vewd. 

Not all apps are free. If a subscription or pay-per-view fee is required, you will be prompted to set up an account and provide payment information. 

Apps That Vewd Offers

Some of the services offered by Vewd include:

  • Movies and TV: Crackle, TubiTV, AcornTV, Viewster, YuppTV, and Plex.
  • Sports: Red Bull TV, Motorcyclist, Nitro Circus, Play Sports TV
  • Lifestyle: TED, Wired, Mashable, Bon Appetit
  • Kids: Kids News, Kidoodle TV, Toon Goggles
  • Music: Deezer TIDAL, Radioline
  • News and Weather: CBS News, Newsy, CNBC, The Weather Network, Accuweather

The number and names of apps that Vewd provides may vary across specific brand/model TVs and streaming devices as well as by geographical region.

Vewd OS on Smart TVs

Depending on the brand and model of your smart TV, the menu design and steps required to find and select apps might vary. If you have a smart TV that runs the Vewd OS as its core platform, here are examples of the types of screens you will see:

  • The Vewd Homepage: This is your starting point. The main part of the screen lists various content categories. On the left side of the screen are the main categories, which aid in navigating the Vewd OS.
VEWD Home Page Start Screen
  • Videos: This page spotlights top video picks and any live TV programming that you can select without having to open an app first.  
VEWD Videos Selection Example
  • Apps: This page is where you can see and select apps (including TV and movie services) that you would like to access. There's no downloading necessary; just select the one you want to watch and follow any additional prompts if required. 
VEWD Apps Screen
  • Games: In addition to movies, TV, and other video categories, Vewd also provides a selection of online games.
VEWD Games
  • Favorites: This page is where you can place your favorite Vewd apps and videos.
VEWD – Choosing Favorites Example
  • Search: If you know the name of the app or content you are looking for, you can use the Vewd search page's virtual keyboard to see if it is available through the service. 
VEWD – Search Feature
  • Settings: Vewd provides additional settings that you can use to tailor your experience. AutoPlay, for example, allow you to automatically play the next video in a playlist. Other settings include Temperature Units for weather info, Vewd Reset, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, ID for Developers, and About (VEWD OS version, device ID, and support contact info).
VEWD Settings – AutoPlay On/Off Example

Vewd on Android TV

In some cases, a TV or media streaming device may include the Vewd app store within its operating system. Two examples are Sony and Hisense. Some TVs made by these brands use the Android TV platform but run Vewd in the background, providing select services managed by Vewd.

Vewd on Android TV

How to Use Vewd on Set-Top Boxes: TiVo

In addition to Smart TVs, Vewd is available on set-top boxes, such as DVRs and some Blu-ray Disc players with media streaming capabilities. Below is an example of how to use Vewd on the TiVo Bolt and Bolt OTA.

  1. Press the TiVo button (the TV with rabbit ears) on the top of your TIVO remote.

    TIVO Remote – Top Portion
    Robert Silva for Lifewire
  2. Select Apps on the TiVo Central Menu.

    TIVO Home Screen – Select Apps
  3. In the TIVO Apps menu, select Vewd App Store.

    TIVO Apps Screen – Select VEWD App Store
  4. Within the Vewd app store, select the service you want to view. Remember, if the service isn't free, you will be prompted to set up an account for payment.

    VEWD Apps – Select Tubi TV

How to Use the Vewd Browser

Another feature that Vewd offers is the Vewd Browser, formerly known as Opera. Similar to browsers available on smart TVs, the Vewd browser allows users to navigate the web on their TV in an easy-to-use manner (no keyboard or mouse required). 

If your smart TV uses the Vewd app store, you can also look for the Vewd browser icon.

  1. Open the Vewd Browser.

    VEWD Browser Logo
  2. Press the up arrow button on your TV or device remote until the cursor reaches the address bar in the upper part of the screen.

  3. Press the Enter button on the remote.

  4. Type your search term or website URL using the on-screen keyboard.

    VEWD Browser – Keyboard
  5. Select GO, Enter, or Submit to go to your chosen site.

    VEWD Browser – CNN Webpage
  6. In addition to search, you can use the Speed Dial Option to quickly visit a number of pre-selected or frequently visited sites.

    Vewd Browser – Speed Dial Feature

Check out the Vewd Enabled Page to see if Vewd is available on your Smart TV or streaming device.

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