Vevo IPhone App Review

Vevo app for iPhone

This review refers to a version of this app released in 2011. Details and specifics of the app may have changed in later versions.

The Good

  • 25,000 high-quality music videos
  • Excellent interface
  • Free

The Bad

  • Hit-or-miss performance

Vevo is a popular music video website offering the latest videos from some of today's hottest musicians. The corresponding app (Free) promises to bring some of that experience to the iPhone. The app has over 25,000 music videos to choose from, but will sketchy performance put a damper on all the fun?

Awesome Interface, Sketchy Performance

The first thing you’ll notice about the Vevo app is its slick interface. The app is very well designed, complete with a sliding montage of the hottest music videos and an easy-to-use navigation system. The Vevo app includes a variety of ways to find content, including popular videos, new selections, and top artists. You can also search by keyword.

My enthusiasm quickly waned, however, when I ran into long loading times that turned into total app meltdowns. The first video I selected started playing right away, but I wasn’t always so lucky. I tried several times to view Katy Perry’s "E.T." video, and after staring at the loading icon for over five minutes, I started to get a little antsy. Turns out the back button didn’t work either, so I had to reboot the app. This also happened when I tried to launch the "Look at Me Now" video from Chris Brown. Of the first three videos I tried to watch—all over a Wi-Fi connection, which should offer better streaming performance—only one loaded properly, and the other two required restarting the app. That’s certainly not a good sign. 

I had better luck when I went looking for older videos, thinking it was just a problem with the newest, most popular videos. I was able to view a number of these videos successfully, but even the older videos weren’t immune—"Give Me a Sign" from Breaking Benjamin, which is several years old and therefore perhaps in lower demand, also forced an app reboot. 

After you view a video, the Vevo app includes a link to buy it on iTunes, share it via Facebook or Twitter, or add it to the in-app playlist. 

A Few Notes Since the Original Review

This review was first published in April 2011. Since that time, a few things about the app that are worth noting have changed:

  • Vevo has expanded beyond music videos and now includes live concerts and original shows, too.
  • Vero now has over 230,000 videos available, a huge expansion from the 25,000 that this review references.
  • The app now supports custom-made playlists of videos.
  • You can now be notified when an artist designated as a favorite releases new content. 
  • Vevo is now available in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, the UK, and a number of other countries. Trying to access the app from outside those countries doesn't work. 
  • The stability and performance of the app seem to have improved. The current version of the app has a 5-star average rating and all-time reviews give is 3.5 stars from almost 50,000 users.

The Bottom Line

The longer I played around with the Vevo app, the more I liked it. The app is very slick, and the videos that do load have excellent sound and video quality. However, there were some videos that I never could get to load, no matter how many times I tried, so that tempers my enthusiasm quite a lot. Overall rating: 2.5 stars out of 5.  

What You’ll Need

The Vevo app is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. It requires iPhone OS 4.0 or later. Vevo HD is free and available for the iPad. 

This review refers to a version of this app released in 2011. Details and specifics of the app may have changed in later versions.