12 Very Funny Twitter Parody Accounts

The funniest Tweets from a few of the best Twitter personalities

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If you’re a regular Twitter user, you probably have your fair share of celebrities, business brands, news platforms and public figure accounts that you follow to help you stay informed. That's all well and good when you're looking for serious stuff, but Twitter is so much more useful than that.

There have been some very witty and creative people who have taken on the personalities of some of the most well-known celebs, fictional characters, stereotypes and more. Many of them have successfully turned them into hilarious parodies for everyone to enjoy, racking up tens of thousands of followers in the process.

Here are 12 of the best to consider checking out.

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 The Onion is a parody media outlet that's been around for a long time—well before Twitter even existed. Their writers specialize in cleverly twisting both newsworthy and evergreen topics so that they sound downright ridiculous. This is the kind of fake news that's supposed to be fake on purpose!

So Sad Today
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So Sad Today is a dramatic yet hilarious ode to women everywhere who struggle with pretty much everything — especially relationships and mental health. A lot of people can relate because some of the account tweets are so real and refreshing to read in a world of people masking their problems and often trying to be overly optimistic.

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If political humor is your thing, then you'll love BirdsRightActivist. This is a Twitter account run by someone pretending to be a bird and is very interested in U.S. politics. Tweets always include lots of purposeful spelling and grammatical mistakes coupled with over exaggerated facts and opinions about what's going on currently in politics.

Dog Solution
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Similar to BirdsRightActivist, Dog Solution is a Twitter account that includes lots of purposeful spelling and grammatical mistakes to make tweets look like they were written by an animal attempting to speak English. It's all about dogs and they're not so effective solutions to common, everyday problems.

Bill Clinton
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If you’re a fan of very rude humor, the hilarious Bill Clinton is a must-follow character on Twitter. You might be amazed at how very inappropriate some of his tweets may seem!

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Queen Elizabeth
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Yes, even her Royal Highness has a Twitter parody account. Some of her tweets are blown hilariously out of proportion, and she often refers to herself in the third person.

Fake Science
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If you were one of those people who never really excelled in the field of science, the Fake Science parody Twitter account (and ​Tumblr blog) might just be able to teach you everything you need to know.

Jesus Christ
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Like the Bill Clinton parody account, the Jesus Christ parody account is not for everyone. This Twitter feed is a haven for rude and offensive tweets.

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Darth Vader
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That’s right. The famous villain from one of your favorite science fiction movies is on Twitter, tweeting everything you want to know from the dark side.

Chuck Norris
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Yes, you can get all the tough guy Chuck facts on Twitter now. He's a great character to follow if you want to laugh and be blown away by all the incredible things he can apparently do.

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Learn how to “write more good” by following the Fake AP Stylebook on Twitter. For those that get a kick out of bad grammar, this is a must-follow account - especially for if you work in reporting, writing or editing.

Edgar Allan Poe
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The historical poet and author seems to have left his grave to tweet some very insightful things online, with a touch of modern humor and sarcasm.