Verizon Online DSL Internet Service

Packages and Pricing

Verizon Online DSL offers both month-to-month and one-year contract pricing options. Packages include free email accounts and Web space. Verizon DSL also offers a choice of bundled Yahoo or MSN services offering additional free tools including security software (pop-up blockers, spam blockers, anti-virus software and parental controls).

System Requirements

For Windows PCs, Verizon Online DSL requires Windows 2000 or newer operating system and at least 128 MB of system memory. Verizon offers an online tool to check a PC's readiness for its DSL service. Verizon Online DSL also supports Macintosh computers. Read more about Verizon High-Speed Internet - System Requirements.


Verizon offers up to 3 Mbps DSL download speeds for residential service. Upload speeds range from 128 to 768 Kbps. Lower cost packages tend to offer lower speeds.


Verizon Online DSL is not available in all areas of the U.S. Provide your phone number to the Verizon DSL availability checker to confirm service exists for your residence.

Business Class Service

Verizon also offers its High-Speed Internet for Business service. System requirements for Verizon's business class DSL are comparable to its residential service. However, Verizon offers a higher speed 7 Mbps package for its business customers that is not available for home use.