Verizon NFL Mobile App

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The NFL app for iPhone and Android gives Verizon subscribers mobile access to on-demand NFL coverage and live access to NFL Network. Whether you're looking for Fantasy Football tools or anywhere access to NFL events, the NFL app is worth checking out.

Getting Started

NFL is free to download for anyone, but only Verizon subscribers will benefit from the app. You can get it from the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play for Android.

Screenshots of an iPhone registering for free content in the NFL app
Accessing NFL Network From an iPhone.

With the app open, try to access some content and you'll be prompted with a series of messages on how to activate your account. So long as the steps are followed exactly as you see them on the screen (like the images above), you shouldn't have any problem getting access to NFL Network.

Accessing NFL Coverage

The app is divided into several sections for accessing different types of coverage. Along the bottom of the screen are four menus — STORIES, GAMES, WATCH, TEAMS — and another with even more options like for videos, stats, NFL Game Pass, NFL Shop, and more.

Screenshot of NFL stories in the iPhone NFL app
NFL App Stories Tab (iPhone).

In the first section, STORIES, are two subcategories so that you can view all the top stories regarding the NFL or just your favorite teams. To add specific teams, access Add Favorite Team and then put a star next to all the teams for which you're interested in seeing news. As you add teams to the list, you'll be able to access them from the top of the app any time you want to read stories about them.

Screenshots of the GAMES tab in the iPhone NFL app
NFL App Games Tab (iPhone).

The GAMES section is everything you need to know about upcoming games, but also some info on past games. You can view draft info, Hall of Fame, and preseason weeks all from this tab. There are scores of previous games and descriptions of when and where an upcoming game will be played. You can even open Ticketmaster from the app to buy tickets.

Screenshot of the Watch tab in the NFL iPhone app
NFL App Watch Tab (iPhone).

The third tab at the bottom of the app is called WATCH, and that's where you have to be to watch live football from the NFL app. Just tap the topmost video to see what's live on NFL Network. There are also highlights, predictions for future games, can't-miss plays, a Team Stream tab for team-specific videos, and more. While playing any video, you can swipe down to put it into a small box at the bottom of the screen, and still browse other areas of the app without missing a thing.

More Features

For NFL schedules and rosters, visit the TEAMS tab. Pick a year from the list, select a team, and see game details and stats.

In the MORE tab are some other features like access to best play videos, game highlights, elite performers, and NFL Network playbook. This is also where you open more NFL resources and subscriptions you might have, like NFL Now, NFL Game Pass, and NFL Shop. Also here are shortcuts to buying tickets and accessing NFL Fantasy Football.

If you want alerts for when games are close to airing, jump into the settings and enable Close Games. There are also notification options for breaking news and NFL Need to Know. If you added your favorite teams from the STORIES tab, you can even get team-specific alerts for news and highlights, for when a game is starting, for scores during a game, and for the final score.