How to Use the NFL Mobile App

Watch live football, get breaking news, and more

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The NFL's official mobile app gives you access to everything you need to make the most of the football season. It offers news, live scoring updates, the ability to track your favorite teams, and even watch live streaming content from the NFL Network or via NFL Game Pass. Whether you're looking for Fantasy Football tools or anywhere access to NFL events, the NFL app is worth checking out.

Getting Started

NFL is free to download for anyone, with free access to all features except the streaming coverage. You can get it from the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play for Android.

NFL mobile app in app store

When you first open up the app, it'll play a short video introducing itself and some of its new features. After, it'll ask if you want to select a team to follow and Get Alerts. Scroll through the list of NFL teams, and press the star next to the ones you want to receive news and alerts for.

Pick a team to follow on the NFL mobile app.

Once you've picked your team, you'll arrive on the app's News tab.

Get the Latest News

At the bottom of the app, you'll notice five sections. News will be highlighted in blue. At the top, the News is divided into three sections of its own. The rest of the NFL app is designed the same way. With the broader categories near the bottom and subcategories towards the top.

NFL mobile app news pages

The primary News tab is Featured. It contains all the top news from around the NFL, spanning every team.

The middle tab will have your team's news. Everything there will pertain to the team that you're following and the players on it.

Finally, you'll see the NFL league and special event news. At the time the above screenshot was taken in 2019, the NFL was celebrating 100 years of football with its NFL 100 campaign.

Games, Schedules, and Scores

The next major section of the NFL app is Games. Here you'll get your live scoring updates, schedule information, and quick comparisons of the teams facing off.

NFL mobile app games and schedule

You'll always arrive on the current week's schedule. If there are no games or it's the off-season, like in the screenshot, you'll see the next week that has a game.

Each game listed has the time, teams playing, and the current scores. The first game listed should always be your favorite team's game, if they're playing that week. Otherwise, it'll be listed chronologically.

At the top of the screen, the NFL app displays which week you're looking at the schedule for. Tap on it to see a full list for the season. Pick any week to preview the lineup, or look back at past weeks to review your team's progress.

All About Teams

Under the Teams section, you'll find everything you'll need to know about your favorite NFL team and all the teams they're up against this season. To change which team you're looking at, tap the team name, and pick a different one from the list.

NFL mobile app teams pages

When you first arrive on Teams, you'll see vital stats about the team you're following. At the top of the window, the app shows their win/loss record. Just below that, you'll find more interesting info, like their head coach, stadium, owner, the year they got started, and probably most importantly, their social media links.

Next, each team's listing offers the opportunity to buy tickets, followed by the team's schedule for the season. Here you can review everything coming up for your team or the teams you're following for fantasy.

Below that, each team's rankings within the league are listed. The app shows their standings in a simple graph that illustrates their rank and compares them to the league leader.

Finally, you can check out which players on the team have top stats. This is another excellent feature for fantasy fans looking to pick up the best players a team has in each aspect of the game.

At the very bottom of each team listing, you'll see their news section again.

Standings and Stats

Once the season's underway, you're going to want to know how your team stacks up against the competition. The Standing section of the NFL app lets you see where your team and their rivals stand within the league and their division.

NFL mobile app standings week to week

There are three separate ways to sort out the standings; by Division, by Conference, and the whole League. Each has its own tab. The information that they all display is the same, but the varied organization makes it easier to visualize a team's place in each context.

Much, Much, More...

Many of the NFL app's most interesting features are actually categorized under More. Here, the app links to additional apps and services related to and built into the NFL app, like streaming from the NFL Network and NFL Game Pass.

NFL app more features

As soon as you select More, you'll see a list of the available options to explore. Shop takes you to the NFL Fanatics shop to purchase licensed gear. Tickets will allow you to buy tickets to upcoming games. Fantasy brings you to the NFL's Fantasy app.

League Leaders will probably be of interest to fantasy football enthusiasts too. Here, you can get status from league-leading players and teams.

NFL Network Streaming

While you're still under More, tap NFL Network. You won't be able to get far without a TV subscription. The first screen you'll arrive on will ask for your provider. Fear not cord-cutters, streaming services like Sling are on the list too. Sign in with your login info for your TV provider.

NFL mobile app NFL Network streaming pages

After you sign in, the NFL app will take you to the NFL Network. The top of the screen will load up the live stream. Below, you'll find the upcoming programs listed. Turning your device sideways into landscape mode will expand the video.

You can also back out to the NFL app without exiting your video. Press the back to return to the NFL app, and the stream will minimize to the corner like picture-in-picture. When you're ready to return to the stream, swipe up toward the left corner. Swiping the minimized stream right will close it.

NFL Game Pass

Game Pass is the NFL's own streaming service. It gives you access to exclusive content, preseason games, full replays, and highlights. Tap Game Pass under More in the app to access it.

NFL Game Pass in the mobile app page

Game Pass is an independent subscription that, as of June 2019, costs $99.99 for the season. If you already have the subscription, you can easily sign in. You also have the option to create an account and subscribe through the NFL app. Once you do, you'll be able to access all of your Game Pass content through it too.

In the past, Verizon had a streaming agreement with the NFL through the app. As of early 2019, that agreement and the associated reduced data charges are no longer in place.