Verizon Makes Voicemail Visual

Visual Voicemail screenshot

This service has been discontinued. The information in the article remains for archival purposes.

One of the handiest—but least aesthetically pleasing—features of the iPhone is Visual Voicemail, which displays your voice messages in an easy-to-read list. You can browse through the messages, and select which ones you'd like to hear. Verizon Wireless had its own Visual Voice Mail service up until recently, which allowed you to get this handy iPhone-like feature—without an iPhone.

The visual voicemail service is also offered by other carriers, such as AT&T and T-Mobile.

About Verizon's Visual Voicemail

Verizon supported Visual Voicemail on a wide range of cell phones including:

  • All smartphones on standard monthly accounts
  • Select basic phones on standard monthly accounts

The service was compatible with phones from BlackBerry, Casio, HTC, Kyocera, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Pantech, and Samsung. Here is a complete list of compatible phones and models.

Visual Voice Mail and Premium Visual Voice Mail cost $2.99/month per phone. Basic Visual Voice Mail and iPhone Visual Voicemail were included with your Verizon smartphone plan (but Visual Voicemail was not currently available for prepaid accounts). Data charges also may have applied when using Visual Voice Mail. When you upgraded, all existing messages would be transferred to your new Visual Voice Mail inbox.

Verizon Has Discontinued Visual Voice Mail

On 7/8/2016, Verizon discontinued Visual Voice Mail and automatically switched all users to their free Basic Voice Mail service. Basic Voice Mail gives you the ability to receive and check voice messages by calling *86 from your phone.

  • Customers did not lose any existing voice messages when switched from Visual Voice Mail to Basic Voice Mail.
  • Existing voice messages were be saved, but customers were cautioned they may need room for new messages. Before the switch to Basic Voice Mail, they were asked to make sure they had less than 20 messages in their mailbox. For more information on saving or archiving messages, refer to Verizon's Basic Visual Voice Mail FAQs.
  • Customers may have to set up their voice mailbox after being switched from Visual Voice Mail to Basic Voice Mail. 

Set Up Verizon's Basic Voice Mail

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to set up Basic Voice Mail and your greeting. For additional info, check out the Voice Mail FAQs page. If you're having other issues with your phone or device, visit Verizon's Troubleshooting Assistant

  1. Call *86 (*VM) from your phone. (If you hear a system greeting, press the Pound key (#) immediately to interrupt it).

  2. Follow the instructions to choose your language options and press the # key to confirm your choice. (Press 1 for English, then press the # key to confirm).

  3. When prompted, enter the 4-7 digit password then press the # key.

  4. When prompted, say your name then press the # key.

  5. To confirm the entry, press the # key.

  6. When prompted, say the greeting then press the # key.

  7. To confirm the greeting, press the # key.

  8. To set up additional features, refer to Verizon's Voice Mail Options.