Verizon Launches New Flexible Unlimited Plans With $10 Add-Ons

Optional perks include Disney Plus and Apple Music Family

Verizon is simplifying its unlimited plan options with the snappily-named myPlan, replacing former plans like Get More, Play More, Do More, and Start 5G. 

The new system offers increased flexibility when building a mobile plan, allowing people to piecemeal subscriptions and features to create the perfect wireless bundle. The base option is now called "Welcome Unlimited," and the premium bundle is called "Unlimited Plus." The new Unlimited Plus features 5G ultra-wideband, 30GB of mobile hotspot data, and no data caps. The price you lock the plan into is good for the next three years, and Verizon is also offering half off certain tablet and smartwatch plans to entice consumers. 

An image from the Verizon announcement of its new wireless plans.

Arturo Holmes / Getty Images

Unlimited Welcome is a bare-bones offering with unlimited 5G but without all the extra stuff. Both plans allow you to bundle additional features—Verizon Perks—at your discretion, such as throwing in Disney Plus or Apple Music Family for $10 each month. Nearly every perk available via this program costs $10 per month, representing significant savings if you, say, use it to sign up for Apple One.

The pricing for these plans fluctuates depending on how many lines you want. Unlimited Plus monthly fees start at $80 for one line, $70/line for two, $55/line for three, $45/line for four, and $42/line for five or more. Welcome Unlimited plans charge a monthly fee of $65 for one line, $55/line for two, $40/line for three, $30/line for four, and $27/line for five lines or more. 

These plans are available starting May 18, and Verizon says you’ll be able to tweak the specifics of your plan at any time using the My Verizon App. 

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