Verizon Introduces Spatial Audio Capabilities Known as Adaptive Sound

Coming to devices like the Motorola One 5G UW Ace

Verizon announced it would bring new spatial audio capabilities to more phones, starting with the Motorola One 5G UW Ace. 

The phone carrier announced a brand new Verizon Adaptive Sound system on Wednesday that it says will let you "experience music, games, movies, and meetings like never before." The first phone with the new Adaptive Sound system featuring Dolby Atmos-enabled content is the Motorola One 5G UW Ace, which is available to purchase now. 

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Droid Life reported that Verizon also will add Adaptive Sound to the Motorola Edge+ in a new update of the device.

Verizon said its Adaptive Sound will bring a "spatial surround experience regardless of what headphone, soundbar, or earbud brand you use or what application you're watching or listening to, including Dolby Atmos-enabled content."

The company added that you can experience Verizon Adaptive Sound with any application to listen to music, videos, or games. More devices will have Adaptive Sound capabilities in the future, and an over-the-air software update is in the works to add the new feature to some existing Verizon devices. 

... you could experience Verizon Adaptive Sound with any application to listen to music, videos, or games.

Verizon is the latest to add spatial audio capabilities after Apple added spatial and lossless audio for Apple Music songs last month. Spatial audio is a 360-degree sound format that can create a surround-sound effect to whatever you're listening to. It’s great for movies and immersive video games.

CNET notes that since spatial audio is far more compatible with more devices, you won’t need any specific device or pair of headphones to experience the sound. Verizon told CNET its Adaptive Sound would make cheap headphones sound as if they were more expensive with "enhanced vocal presence, crisp treble, and immersive spatial detail."

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