Vanessa Sands

Vanessa Sands


Syracuse, NY


Le Moyne College


macOS, iOS, and Android operating systems and devices

Web design and maintenance (CSS, HTML, WordPress)

Smart home devices

Internet (research, software, trends, technologies)

Social media


  • Business-to-business copywriter and editor since 1985
  • Web designer/developer from 1998-2014
  • Has written, edited, and developed content for clients on a wide range of subjects, including: consumer and business tech, cloud technology, and security


Vanessa Sands has worked as a writer and editor since 1985. She's edited countless articles, reviews, and how-tos on subjects ranging from smart home tech to computers and mobile devices and frequently edits papers on cloud tech and security. She recently assisted a large company with migrating its vast content library into SiteCore and has worked in Joomla, Drupal, proprietary programs, and other content management systems.

In her work as a communications professional, Vanessa helps convey info and ideas in a way that piques interest, maximizes exposure, and ensures readability. This frequently encompasses not only research, writing, editing, and fact-checking, but also graphics selection and editing, search engine optimization (SEO), coding, tagging, and more.

Trained in copywriting for business-to-business advertising and marketing, she has also written about web hosting and design, WordPress, social media, content and email marketing, SEO, and various devices and technologies. She has taught herself website design (HTML, CSS, WordPress theming/coding).

My Gear

  • Macbook Pro
  • iPhone 12
  • Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
  • iPad Air and Apple Pencil
  • 2TB Buffalo NAS drive
  • Vintage Yamaha and Boze speakers wired into a circa 1975 receiver attached to an Amazon Echo
  • Google Home, Amazon Echo Dots
  • Smart lights, plugs, and thermostat
  • Instead of cable, an antenna and streaming services such as YouTubeTV, Netflix, and Hulu on Roku and Firestick units


Vanessa received a B.A. in English from Le Moyne College, with a concentration in communications and a minor in psychology.

A Message from Vanessa Sands

"Words have such power: They can inform, excite, amuse, move, delight, and motivate. At Lifewire, I love helping tech writers use them to distill complex concepts in usable, approachable language to help readers navigate an increasingly complicated, ever-changing tech world."

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