Great Valentine's Day Minecraft Creations!

Need a Minecraft build idea for your special someone? Look no further!

Love is in the virtual air that our Minecraft characters breathe, as well as the February air we breathe in our real life. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your special someone with a gift in Minecraft that he or she is destined to love.

The World's Blockiest Heart

If you’re not the greatest builder or if you just want to make something simple and to the point, perhaps this small brick heart is the best thing you can make. To build this heart you will need eight Brick Stairs and two blocks of Bricks. Being able to flip stairs while using their edges allows for players to make a very compact heart in a fairly small space. If you don’t like the design of the bricks and would rather something else, feel free to choose any stair design that has a matching block variant. Wood Stairs and Wood Planks would suffice if you chose to use those for a different color scheme. Overall, the heart will look exactly the same (except for the colors) if you choose to use a different block.

The Massive Valentine's Day Card

 Nothing says I love you like a massive Valentine’s Day card four times as tall as the size of your in-game Minecraft character for the holiday. Making a card in Minecraft can be a great way to express your love to the person you want to share your creation with. While there is no exact measurement on what your card should be, try your best to keep each fold of the card relatively the same size. Five blocks going diagonal (on the ground) will take up more room than seven blocks going horizontal (or so it looks like when building). Keep perspective in mind when building your card.

The bigger you build your Valentine’s Day card, the more detail you can add within. Instead of spelling out your message in blocks, think of using signs to type your message in the card. Also, a great base block for your card is any of the Stained Clay block variants. The Stained Clay blocks have a very flat look, allowing for a paper like design to the card.

A Valentine's Day Garden

 Using the heart we built previously with stairs and blocks, we can use that design once again in a Valentine’s Day themed garden as a centerpiece. With the many colors of flowers accessible to players, think about the person whom you are giving this gift you. If they like blues or reds, contemplate using those colors as flowers in your garden. If you’d like to design the ground with flowers in specific shapes such as hearts or things of that nature, let your creativity roam free and create as you please.

When making a garden, something to keep in mind is symmetry. When items are symmetrical, it gives a feeling of knowing where things are, rather than being very confused and feeling as if things are out of place. Keeping blocks symmetrical from each other let’s players feel as if the location in which they are in is organized. This can be very helpful in a Minecraft garden as flowers are a very subtle object but can easily be made the subject of a situation if done correctly.

In Conclusion

Hopefully these various build ideas work for you this Valentine’s Day! If these build ideas don’t end up working out, think long and hard about it and you are bound to think of something for your special someone. The more you put your all into your project, the more special it will become for that person and yourself when making it. Your Valentine is bound to smile with one of these gifts.