Valentine's Day: Lighthearted E-cards For Mac

Animated e-cards for kids and adults

Valentine's Day is dedicated to romance, but perhaps you don't feel quite comfortable expressing your feelings openly. Maybe it's early in a relationship, and you're a bit afraid of scaring the other person off. Or maybe you just have such a good-humored view of life that you can't get serious, even for Valentine's Day. Whatever the reason, if you prefer to take a lighthearted approach to this holiday, we found some animated e-cards that might strike your fancy.

If flowers and poetry are more your style, you may prefer these romantic Valentine's e-cards. 

Note: Although we generally focus on Macs and Mac-related products, these e-cards are platform-independent. You can send these cards to anyone, whether they use the Mac OS, Windows, or another operating system. All they need is Internet access and a browser.

Pepe Le Pew Valentine

Image courtesy of Hallmark

We may be showing our age here, but we just had to start our list with the most romantic, er, guy on the planet: Pepe Le Pew himself. Ever hopeful, he relentlessly pursues the feline of his dreams, while the "Lone Ranger" theme plays in the background. Even though he's been chasing the object of his affection for more than 60 years now, Pepe still believes it's only a matter of time before she succumbs to his not-insignificant charms (not to mention that outrageous French accent).

The Hallmark e-card subscription service is available for $12 per year, which includes unlimited access to more than 1,000 e-cards. You can send an e-card via email or Facebook.

That's Amore Song

Image courtesy of American Greetings

Even if you're not an animal lover, we don't think you'll be able to resist the sight of a Jack Russell Terrier wearing a straw boater, paddling a gondola, and warbling "That's Amore." Watch for cameo appearances by a fish, a cat, and a Golden Retriever puppy.

American Greetings e-cards are available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis that allows you to send or print an unlimited number of cards. A free 7-day trial is available. You can send an e-card to an email address, a Facebook account, or a mobile phone.

Lovely Card

Image courtesy of Care2

This Valentine with an old-fashioned flavor requires the recipient to do a little bit of puzzle-solving to get to the message. The animations are simple but sweet for fans of hidden object-style games. You can add a personal message, choose a stamp for the envelope, and then send the finished e-card via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Care2 e-cards are free.

Ribbiting Romance

Image courtesy of Doozycards

What could be better than singing tree frogs? Well, lots of things, to be honest, but they wouldn't have the same entertainment value. The frogs are cute, and the song is, too.

Some of the cards (not this one) on the Doozycards site are free. If you sign up for the free 10-day trial, you can send any of the cards on the Doozycards site for free. Membership is $19.95 per year. 

Valentine's Day Hug

Image courtesy of American Greetings

The Valentine's Day Hug e-card features a cute, cuddly teddy bear who walks right up to the display and gives it a big hug while catchy music plays in the background. If you can't be there in person, this might be the next best thing. The Valentine's Day Hug is a great way for kids to send virtual hugs to favorite relatives and friends who don't live nearby.

The Valentine's Day Hug e-card is free from American Greetings. Other e-cards are available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis that allows you to send or print an unlimited number of cards. A free 7-day trial is available.

So Many Ways

Image courtesy of Sloppy Kiss Cards

Sweep a cat lover off his or her feet by saying, "I love you" in several different languages (with appropriate scenery and the tinkling of a piano in the background). You can add a personal message, select a particular breed or color of cat, and add your (or the recipient's) cat's name.

The Sloppy Kiss Cards e-card service is $13.95 per year; a free 30-day trial is available. You can customize any e-card with one of a wide selection of dog, cat, or other pet photos.

Cupid's Aim

Image curtesy of Katies Cards

They say opposites attract; you probably won't find a more unlikely pair than a warthog and a giraffe. But love conquers all, especially when Cupid lends a hand.

The Cupid's Aim e-card features cheerful, toe-tapping music from Stock Music, a vertically challenged warthog, and a giraffe with the longest eyelashes in town. After you add a personal message, you can send the card via email or Facebook.

Katies Cards offers more than 250 e-cards for a wide variety of occasions. Subscriptions range from $8 for 3 months to $19 for 24 months. A small selection of free e-cards is also available.

Put a Smile on a Loved One's Face

You may be relieved to hear that Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all serious, all the time. While it's probably a good idea not to go too heavy on the humor, there's nothing wrong with taking a bit of a lighthearted approach, especially in an animated e-card.