The Best Valentine's Day E-Card Sites for 2019

Show your valentine some love with the perfect ecard

Young girl holding valentine card with pink heart on it that says Be my Valentine

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Love, is it elusive? Shallow and exclusive? Or natural, easy and actual? Whatever it is to you, share it with a Valentine's Day card sent conveniently and creatively by email.

Here are our favorite sites to compose and send Valentines as e-cards.

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Ojolie website

Of the many ways to send Valentine's Day greetings via email, Ojolie cards (animating said cranes and swans, plus classy dog kisses, cat romance and more) are among the most lovely.

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Send one of the great Valentine's Day cards from as a paying member, and love is almost guaranteed (almost).

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Jacquie Lawson

Jacquie Lawson website

Send special Valentine's Day greetings with Chudleigh, the chocolate Labrador, and friends or fantastic compositions of flowers and music.

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Katie's Cards

Katie's Cards website

Painted and animated with admirable skill and ardor, Katie's Valentine's day greetings spread love, friendship, passion and romance in so charming a manner.

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Punchbowl website

Beautiful typography, imagery, and graphics are more beautiful even on beautiful, hand-crafted paper. At Punchbowl, you can send that kind of experience — as close, we'd venture, as you can get to it without paper — for the most beautiful of days and emotions: Valentine's Day love.

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There is much romance in sarcasm, of occurs, except for, where you have to put all the romance into the sarcastic cards you can send; for Valentine's Day, no less.

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Paperless Post

Paperless Post website

Sophisticated simplicity is made for your Valentine's Card as much as you and your Valentine are made for each other. At the Paperless Post, you can customize both cards and "envelopes," and have truly classy greetings delivered either by email or, often, by mail.

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Leanin' Tree

Leanin' Tree website

You can lean on the tree for wonderful and lovely Valentine's Day greeting cards.

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Of the many languages, colors, paintings, shapes, and words of love, some nicely designed ones have come together at to be sent as Valentine's Day greetings — or invitations even.

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Hallmark website

With many classic, cute and romantic cards, Hallmark can be a quality source of Valentine's Day love spread by email.

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Card Cow website

Choose from a sheer endless supply of lovely and gorgeous vintage Valentines at

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JibJab - Valentine's Day E-Cards

JibJab - Valentine's Day E-Cards website

JibJab is where the fun is — and the love, too, if you put it in your JibJab card. Of course, you can also add your (or anybody else's) image to the rich JibJab greetings made with impressive attention to detail and care.

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Awkward Valentines

Awkward Valentines website

They are not awkward. These Awkward Valentines say what's awkward for you to say — bravely via email.

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JustWink Cards

JustWink Cards website

Whether you are against Valentine's Day or you are for Valentine's Day, you need a card. Not all Valentine's Day greetings at JustWink Cards are sarcastically mocking of the event and sentiment, but all are designed well and a little edgy.

of 29 Virtual Vintage Cards Virtual Vintage Cards website

From the antique art dealer, gloriously opulent vintage valentines that work to relay affection now as much as they did then.

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MyFunCards website

Fun and love convene to form entertaining and enchanting Valentine's Day cards at MyFunCards.

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Blue Mountain website

From hot, hot lust to cool fish love, has the right greeting card for every Valentine, and for every paying member. We like the Gerbera Daisy in particular.

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GreetingSpring website

Love's many dimensions are condensed to three at GreetingSpring; three dimensions and some lovely animation, of course.

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Kisseo website

Whether your style is graphical or photographic, or fun or profound, the small but decent collection at Kisseo has a card on offer that should work for Valentine's Day close to as much as the site's name.

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Be it cuteness, joviality or sentimental feelings, has the right Valentine's Day card for you. And fun surprise, some of them are interactive.

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CrossCards website

When you love someone more than your favorite food and flowers, it is time for a CrossCard Valentine's Day greeting.

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1001 Postcards

1001 Postcards website

Among the metaphorical 1001 postcards at 1001 Postcards, there are not only very real lovely ones but also funny and romantic ones. Heck, there are even Valentine's Day cards for pets.

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Rubber Chicken

Rubber Chicken Cards website

A rubber-made chicken's adventures at and tabulations about Valentine's Day. If that is not yet enticing, do take a loving peek yourself.

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Care2 website

Many, many great Valentine's Day cards that let you show that you have a green heart, too: Care2 donates part of their revenue to environmental organizations.

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ATM Greetings website

Many a flower and kiss and chocolate can be sent, plain or animated, from

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123 Greetings website helps you say the three magic words or anything else you want to say for Valentine's Day (provided it's something nice, of course).

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Most of Valentine's Day cards at appear to be a bit nervous.

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Send simple and charming electronic Valentines from the original

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Card upon card to be delivered for Valentine's Day can be found at To be honest, these all look a tad alike — and they're all not without their peculiar charm.