How to Make Free and Cheap Calls on Your Galaxy Tab

A List of apps that turn your Samsung Galaxy Tab into a phone

Hands on Galaxy Tab. vm/E+/GettyImages

Samsung's flagship tablet PC was meant for productivity and data consumption and is not much of a communication tool. However, you can make your Galaxy Tab a phone that allows you to make free and cheap calls worldwide, thanks to the numerous VoIP available for Android. Here are some of the best apps that can turn your tablet into a phone. 

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Skype is the pioneer in offering free calls over the Internet. Calls are free between Skype users and are cheap to landlines and mobile phones worldwide. Skype does not require a phone number. You can, therefore, install Skype on your tablet from Google Play and register for a new account. You may also use an existing account, in which case you may have Skype presence on more than one device.  

Google Voice gives you a phone number, the ability to take calls on a number of devices and also allows free calls. You can set your Galaxy as one of the devices. The service is, unfortunately, available only to people living in the US, but if you do live in the US, Google Voice gives you free calls to all landline and mobile numbers.  Read more on Google Voice here.

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WhatsApp has become the most popular instant messaging app, but now it is also a VoIP app since it offers free voice and video calls among its users worldwide. WhatsApp requires a phone number for registration, so if your tablet has a SIM card, you are all set. Otherwise, you can register your account on a smartphone and use it on your tablet. You just have to enter the number in the tablet.  

Why is there BlackBerry Messenger in a list for an Android device? This is because BBM is not only for BlackBerry devices but for all devices. Despite not having a huge user base as its other more popular competitors, BBM is a robust, and feature-rich app that gives a rich communication experience.  

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FriendCaller is an app that allows you to make free calls to other FriendCaller buddies using your 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connection. You don’t even need a subscription to use the service and the app, you can simply use your email address or your Facebook ID. Like most VoIP apps, calls to other phones are charged cheap.

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 This app is better on your Android tablet than Skype is because both those who did Android also did Hangouts. It allows instant messaging and free calling. With the advent of Google's new calling tool Allo, Hangouts is being groomed to be for businesses. 

This app opens the door to communication with millions of people worldwide. It runs on your browser but also has an app for the iPhone and Android, the latter fitting well on your Galaxy Tab. A word of caution: the app was recently criticized for consuming too much battery. 

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 This is the official and latest flagship app from Google for voice calling. It is simple and straightforward and has some artificial intelligence. If your Android tablet has Google running all over the place, then this app is worth considering.