How to Use Video Filters on Zoom

How to get Zoom video filters and add some fun to your next meeting

What to Know

  • Add filters to your meeting by clicking the arrow next to Stop Video > Choose Video Filter and choosing from the options available. 
  • On mobile, tap More > Background and Filters > Filters to pick out a video filter.
  • Not all meetings can use filters depending on how the person holding the meeting has set things up. 

This article teaches you how to use Zoom video filters when using the service via the desktop app, iOS, and Android. It also looks at any limitations to using video filters.

Does Zoom Have Video Filters? 

Yes. While many people know more about Zoom's virtual backgrounds feature, it's also possible to apply some video filters to the service. Many video filters are already in the app, with others available through third-party software and additional downloads. 

How Do You Get Visual Filters on Zoom?

To add a filter to your video call, you need to know where to look. Here's what to do using the Zoom desktop app.

  1. Start a meeting within Zoom.

  2. Once the meeting begins, click the arrow next to Stop Video.

    Zoom app with arrow next to Stop Video highlighted.
  3. Click Choose Video Filter.

  4. Choose which video filter to use. Each offers very varied purposes, such as adding a mask to your face, a hat, or simply adding something to the background of your display.

    Zoom app with filters open and highlighted.
  5. Click Studio Effects to add features such as different eyebrows, lip color, or a change of facial hair. 

    Zoom app with Studio Effects open and the close button highlighted.
  6. Close the window when finished to apply the effects.

How Do You Get Visual Filters on Zoom App?

It's similarly possible to add filters when using the Zoom app on your smartphone. Here's how to add them.

The process is the same on both iOS and Android. The screenshots below demonstrate the iOS version.

  1. Start a meeting in Zoom.

  2. Tap More.

  3. Tap Background and Filters.

  4. Tap Filters.

    Zoom phone app with process for picking out a filter highlighted.
  5. Choose a filter from the many available. 

  6. Tap the filter to to enable the filter.

    Depending on your phone, it may take a moment to appear in your video.

  7. Tap the x to close the filters window.

Why Doesn’t My Zoom Have Video Filters?

If your Zoom isn't showing video filters, it can be for many reasons. Here are some suggestions of why this is occurring.

  • You need an account to customize your experience. To add filters or virtual backgrounds, you need to have a Zoom account.
  • You need a reasonably powerful PC or smartphone. Like with virtual backgrounds, not all PCs and smartphones can use video filters. If it doesn't work on your system, you need a faster or newer device to do so.
  • You're using an outdated version. Keep Zoom up to date. Otherwise, some features may not work correctly, including video filters.
  • The meeting you're in does not allow filters. Filters are on by default, but it is possible to disable them via the Zoom admin panel on the website. Some people may have this disabled to seem more professional.
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