How to Use The App Store on Apple TV

If Apps Are The Future of TV, You Need to Know How to Get Them

Find Whatever You Need on The Apple TV App Store. Apple

Apps are the future of television, but that’s means nothing if you haven’t yet figured out how to use the App Store on an Apple TV.

In this report we explain how to look through the c.3,000 apps now available on the Apple TV App Store. We also explain how to download apps on Apple TV, how to redeem promotional codes for apps, and how to delete any apps you no longer need.

How to Find Apps

Sign in and launch the App Store app on your Apple TV and you can search for and download hundreds of great titles, including great apps for learning, keeping fit and much more. The store offers apps in Featured, Top Charts, Categories and Purchased views, and also offers a Search tool.

Featured: Featured apps are selected by App Store editors. Titles include highlight titles and short collections based on them, “to watch”, for example. This is the place to go to explore apps you may want to try, but the problem with this view is that it does not let you discover apps not included on the page.

Top Charts: Another way to find popular apps, Top View lists the most downloaded free and paid apps, and also lists the Top Grossing apps. This is a good place to go to find popular apps, though the Top Grossing apps listing positions are skewed by the inclusion of in-app purchases within the figures. Apple pays attention though – recently it changed the algorithm so when you look at Top Chart listings you no longer see apps you have already installed listed.

Categories: Like Featured view, Categories assembles apps in clear and easy to navigate collections for Education, Entertainment, Games, Health & Fitness, Kids and Lifestyle (at present). While the apps that are listed are once again chosen by Apple’s App Store editors, Categories is a good place to get exposed to more apps than you’ll find in the Featured collection.

Purchased: Here you will find all the apps you have ever purchased for your Apple TV, including those you’ve deleted. This is a good view to re-download deleted apps.

Search: Search not only lets you look for apps you may have seen mentioned elsewhere online, but also offers a Trending selection of the ten apps most in demand by users in your region. Search is where you go to find apps not included in the other views.

How to Download Apps

You have probably already downloaded apps on another iOS device. The process is very similar on Apple TV:

  • Launch the App Store and use your remote control to click on the icon of the app you wish to download.
  • The App description page opens up, here you can view a Preview of the app (where available) and also read more about the software by highlighting and clicking the description on the page. (Hit Menu to go back).
  • If you decide you want the app you should click on the Get (free apps) or price (paid apps) button to download it. You will probably be asked to confirm you wish to buy the app.
  • Once the app downloads it will appear towards the bottom of your Apple TV home screen. You can open it from within the App Store view by tapping the Open App button that appears on the App description page.

How to Redeem a Promo Code:

Apple TV unfortunately does not allow you to redeem promotional codes on the system, to do so you must use iTunes on a Mac or PC, or an iOS device.

  • iTunes: Launch iTunes and launch the App Store page. Look to the Quick Links category to the right of the screen and choose Redeem. You may need to sign in with your iTunes ID, after which you can enter the promo code. When you return to your Apple TV you will find your new app listed in the Purchased view.
  • iOS Device: On an iOS device you should launch the App Store app and select the Featured tab. You must scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Redeem there. You may need to enter your iTunes password before entering your promo code. If successful then your new app will be included in the Purchased view on your Apple TV.

How to Delete Unwanted Apps

If you’ve ever deleted an iPhone or iPad app you know that you must tap and hold an app icon until all the icons on the display begin vibrating and a small cross appears beside each app name, which deletes the app when tapped. It’s a little different on Apple TV, but not much.

  • On the Home screen you must select an App icon using your Siri Remote and then click and hold that icon (or use the D-pad to select the icon and then press and hold A on a third party controller).
  • The app icons will begin to jiggle on the screen, select the app you wish to delete and press the Play/Pause button, you’ll be asked if you want to Delete the app in the dialog box that appears.
  • Select this and your unwanted app will disappear. If in future you need that app, or accidentally delete an app, you can recover the app in Purchased view (see above).

Congratulations, you've got control -- now take a look at the list of recently added Apple TV apps at the link below: