How to Use Slack Reminders

Create, edit, and delete any Slack reminder

If you work a lot with remote team members, then you're probably very familiar with Slack as an effective collaboration tool. But did you know that Slack also has a powerful, built-in task reminder system?

Slack reminders are a great way to always remember things like work tasks, personal appointments, or birthdays. Here's how it all works.

How to Add a Reminder In Slack

The correct syntax to add a reminder in slack is simple. There are three parts to the command, and once you add it, Slack will remind either you or someone else with the reminder text you specify, at the time that you've stated.

  1. To see how the command needs to be set up, log into Slack and in the comment field type /remind. A pop-up will show you how to structure the command.

    Screenshot of Slack reminder help pop-up
  2. Always precede the name of the person with the @ symbol or the name of the channel with the # symbol. If you're reminding yourself, just use me without the @ symbol. Follow the /remind command with the person you want to set the reminder for, the reminder, and the date for the reminder. Like this:

    /remind me "reminder" 4/29/2020 9:15 PM

    Screenshot of using remind command in Slack

    You can use a number of formats to define the time. Specify only the time for today, state the date in most formats, or write any day of the week. You can also use recurring terms like "every Monday and Friday" or "every weekday". If you don't specify time, it'll default to 9:00 AM on the day you specify.

  3. When you press Enter, you'll see a message confirming that Slack will remind you at the date and time you specified. You'll also see buttons to Delete the reminder or View Reminders that you've already set.

    Screenshot of reminder confirmation
  4. Reminders appear in the Slackbot channel. You'll see a notification icon appear there when the reminder is active. If you select the channel, you'll see the most recent reminders. You can select Mark as Complete, Delete to remove the reminder, or Snooze the reminder to receive the reminder notification again later.

    Screenshot of reminder notification in Slack
  5. If you assign reminders to other people using the @ symbol, it'll appear in their Slackbot channel at the date and time that you specify. Using Slack to remind others of tasks is a great way to stay productive in the collaboration tool your team uses anyway.

How to Edit a Reminder In Slack

Editing or updating a reminder takes a few extra steps, because you can't edit reminders directly. First, you need to find the reminder you want to edit, delete it, and then recreate it with your update.

  1. First, you need to recall your list of reminders. To do this, select your own slack channel (select your name) and type /remind list. This will display a list of all of your currently set reminders.

    Screenshot of view of current reminders
  2. Next, make note of the task, date, and time that you want to edit. Then, select Delete to remove that task.

    Screenshot of deleting a task
  3. Finally, add the reminder again using the same command as above, but update the task with a new description or date and time.

    Screenshot of editing a task in Slack
  4. This will replace the original task with the new one you've created, including the correction.

    The /remind command works the same whether you're using Slack on the web or the Slack mobile app.

How to Set a Reminder In Slack From Messages

If you receive messages in Slack that you want to respond to later, you can save those as reminders. Doing this works slightly differently whether you're using Slack on the web or the Slack mobile app.

  1. In the Slack web app, select the three dots to the right of the message. This will bring up a menu where you can select Remind me about this. Then, to the left, select when you want to be reminded. You can choose a fixed time period or select Custom to set a date and time and customize the reminder itself.

    Screenshot of adding a reminder in Slack from a message
  2. To add a reminder from a message on the Slack app, just long-press on the message and select Remind Me from the pop-up menu.

  3. On the Remind me window, tap the time period when you want to be reminded. Select Custom to set your own date, time or custom reminder text.

    How to set Slack Reminders in the Slack mobile app.
  4. These reminders will show up in the Slackbot channel just like any of the other reminders that you've set for yourself using the /remind command.