How to Use Siri on iPhone 13

Getting started with Apple's voice assistant on iPhone 13

What to Know

  • To use Siri on iPhone, Siri has first to be set up on your own iPhone.
  • Once set up, say "Hey Siri," followed by your question or command.
  • Depending on what you ask Siri, you may need to be connected to the internet.

This article explains how to use Siri on iPhone 13—using Siri on iPhone 13 works much like using Siri on other iPhones. The following steps will work on all iPhones running iOS 15, the iOS version launched with the iPhone 13.

How Do I Use Siri on My iPhone 13?

Before you can use Siri on iPhone 13, you'll need to make sure Siri is set up on your iPhone. To set up Siri on iPhone 13, open Settings > Siri & Search.

Toggle on Listen for "Hey Siri" if you want to access Siri with your voice, and toggle on Turn on Press Side Button for Siri if you're going to access Siri with a button.

  1. If your iPhone is listening for voice commands, saying 'Hey Siri' will open up Siri and ready your iPhone for you to ask a question or give out a command. Make sure to speak clearly near your iPhone, but also know iPhones are traditionally great at picking up voices.

    If you want to use Siri's voice control only sometimes, place your iPhone face down. Doing this prevents the iPhone from listening for the Siri wake phrase.

  2. On the iPhone 13, activating Siri with a button instead of voice relies on the iPhone 13's side button. Press and hold the side button, and Siri will open. Then, you can ask whatever question you have or give a command.

    If you're using an older iPhone running iOS 15, this is the same process, but if your iPhone has a home button, you'll press and hold the home button to access Siri.

    Activating Siri on iOS 15.
  3. If you use EarPods with iPhone 13, press and hold the center or call buttons to access Siri. If you use AirPods with iPhone 13, when wearing your AirPods you can also say 'Hey Siri' to access Siri.

    Depending on what AirPods you use with iPhone 13, you may be able to access Siri on AirPods with a button. Which button, though, is dependent on your specific AirPods model. Check Apple's support page to see Siri works with AirPods.

  4. After asking Siri a question or giving a command, you can either tap the Listen button or say 'Hey Siri' again to give out another command or ask another question. Tap the Listen button to rephrase a request or spell out part of it, and you can tap your request onscreen to edit the text directly.

    If you would prefer to type to Siri instead of using voice, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Siri, and turn on Type to Siri. Once Siri is open you'll have a text field you can enter your questions or commands directly into.

    Accessibility options for Siri on iOS 15.
  • How do I use Siri on iPhone 12?

    View your options for waking and using Siri on iPhone 12 from Settings > Siri & Search. Choose to wake Siri with your voice or by pressing the side button (or both). If you want to use Siri without unlocking your phone, select Allow Siri When Locked.

  • How do I activate Siri on iPhone 11?

    To use Siri on iPhone 11, long-press the button on the right side of your iPhone. The side button is also the button you use to put your device to sleep or wake it. You can also say, "Hey, Siri" if you choose Settings > Siri & Search > Listen for Hey Siri.

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