Using MyYahoo as an RSS Reader

MyYahoo RSS Reader
(Image of MyYahoo).

MyYahoo isn't the best personalized ​start page on the Internet, but it makes for a very solid RSS reader. It's fast, it allows you to preview the articles, and it is popular enough that there are buttons on many websites that will automate installing the feed on MyYahoo.

Because it is a personalized page, MyYahoo allows you to organize your feeds into separate tabs. This is great if you want to divide your feeds by subject matter. You also have three columns on the main page, and two columns on additional pages that can be used for feeds -- though one downside of MyYahoo is the huge space on the far right column being taken up by advertising. ​Read this review of MyYahoo for my information on it.

The Advantages of Using MyYahoo as an RSS Reader

MyYahoo has many different advantages including speed, reliability, ease-of-use, the ability to preview articles, and the MyYahoo Reader. And these are in addition to the ability to separate the feeds into different categories and place them on their own tab within the personalized page.

Speed. A big reason to use MyYahoo over other online readers is speed. MyYahoo is one of the fastest readers when it comes to loading in the articles of multiple RSS feeds.

Reliability. Even the best websites will go down or become slow from time to time, but generally speaking, a website like Yahoo or Google will go down far less than a more specialized and less popular site.

Ease-of-use. Adding an RSS feed to MyYahoo is a simple matter of choosing "Personalize this page", clicking on "Add RSS Feed", and typing in (or pasting) the feed's address. Many websites also have an "Add to MyYahoo" button to make this easier, and most Firefox users can add the feed directly to MyYahoo by clicking on the feed icon.

Preview articles. Articles can be previewed by hovering the mouse over the headline. This will pop up the first portion of the article, so you can tell whether or not you might be interested without opening the article.

MyYahoo Reader. The default setting is for articles to pop up in the MyYahoo Reader. This gives you a clean place to read the article without all of the clutter of the website. All of the recent articles are displayed on the right, so there's no need to go hunt for something else that you found interesting. And, because sometimes an article is best viewed on the site itself, you can get there by either clicking the article's headline or by ​clicking the "Read full article..." link at the bottom.

The Disadvantages of using MyYahoo as an RSS Reader

The two biggest disadvantages to using MyYahoo are the inability to consolidate feeds and the overall limitations imposed on MyYahoo's personalized start page.

Inability to consolidate feeds. One thing that MyYahoo cannot do -- at least on its own -- is to mix different feeds into one consolidated feed. So, you while you could add ESPN, Fox Sports, and Yahoo Sports as separate feeds, you couldn't create a single feed that contained all three.

Limitations of the personalized start page. One big negative to MyYahoo is that tabs beyond the first tab only have two columns, and one of these columns has a huge advertisement taking away a lot of space that could otherwise be put to good use. If you put feeds beyond that first tab, you are probably going to be reading most of them from a single column.